April 2017

Man jailed for threatening to expose female escort to her care home employers

A convicted sex offender has been jailed after a court heard how he met up with a female escort – and then threatened to her expose her to her employers in a care home.

Defendant Ian Ashley Jones, 23, of Brook Street in Welshpool, contacted her by Facebook and demanded £490 because he was desperate to pay his rent.

He had a previous conviction in 2009 of possessing indecent images of children and that had included threats to expose vulnerable people unless his demands were met.

Mold Crown Court heard how in the end the victim decided to tell her employers’ herself, which she felt was putting her job in jeopardy. She also contacted the police.

Jones, who admitted blackmail at an earlier preliminary hearing, was jailed for 16 months.

Judge Niclas Parry also made a restraining order, without limit of time, under which he is not to contact the victim, approach her place of work, or mention or identify her on social media.

The judge also made a Contempt of Court Act order under which the identification of the blackmail victim cannot be made public in order to protect her.

Blackmail, said Judge Parry, was “an ugly crime” which was serious because it caused mental anguish.

He said Jones made several demands with menaces for money and preyed on a vulnerable, hard-working lady in law paid employment who chose to work as an escort for extra cash.

Judge Parry said that Jones had the gall in his pre-sentence report to express views about prostitution and workers in the sex industry. Yet he had been prepared to meet up with her.