September 2017

Headmaster who sexually assaulted 44 pupils as young as seven jailed

A ‘wicked’ pervert headmaster who sexually assaulted 44 pupils as young as seven during a 15-year reign of abuse was today jailed for 10 years.

Gordon Fleming, 66, took terrified girls aged between seven and 11 into a storeroom where he fondled them.

He waved and blew a kiss to his wife Helen as he was led down to the cells after admitting sexually assaulting 35 young girls at Swansea Crown Court this afternoon.

Fleming, who worked at primary schools in Mid and North Wales, had already served a four-year sentence after he admitted sexually assaulting nine girls in 1992 – bringing the total number of victims to 44.

The court heard the married teacher his assaults secret for more than 30 years and that there was a ‘rush’ not to be the last girl to leave his class at one village primary school.

The headteacher would grab the girl at the end of the queue and ‘trap’ her in his classroom for his own sexual pleasure.

Fleming, from Oswestry, Shropshire, was today described by a judge as a wicked man and had affected the lives of so many young girls.

He waved and blew a kiss to his wife as he was led down to the cells after being locked up for 10 years today.

The court heard he admitted indecently assaulting nine girl pupils at another school and was jailed for four years at Chester Crown Court in 25 years ago.

Judge Geraint Walters said: ‘One of our victims said you were a scary, angry and predatory man who had left your mark on her forever.

‘These are all words which describe the wickedness of what you did.

‘The truly remarkable feature of this case is its scale – the number of victims and the effect you have had on their lives.

‘From 1977 to 1991, a period of 15 years, you abused no less than 44 children.

‘They were young, naive, innocent and respectful of your position of authority.

Prosecutor Robin Rouch said: ‘Fleming would gyrate his body against pupils and due to the height difference their faces would be level with his crotch.

‘He would be laughing and providing a running commentary of what he was doing.

‘His face would become red and his breathing loud as he became aroused.’

The court heard he gave the children sex education lessons using pupils as young as seven to demonstrate sex positions.

Mr Rouch said: ‘He would get the children to make a fist and then tell them to make sex noises as they thrust their fingers into it.

He would make grunting noises as he showed them positions he described as missionary and doggy style.’

Fleming also taught girls the guitar and gymnastics and touched the girls intimately during lessons.

One of his victims, now 44, told how Fleming ruined her life and left her with an eating disorder and drug problem.

The mother-of-four is now a university lecturer and counsels children at risk of sexual abuse her spare time.

She said: ‘I was a small child – he was in a position of power. He would shut the classroom door and I would be trapped.

‘I watched as he did the same thing to my younger sister and was helpless to protect her.

‘Gordon Fleming was very angry and intimidating – purple veins would pop out of his forehead.

‘I once saw him hit a table so hard it broke in two down the middle.’

Dozens of former pupils gave victim impact statements describing ‘daily’ attacks by Fleming who was in his twenties at the time.

Another terrified pupil described to a classmate what had happened to her and was told: ‘That’s what Mr Fleming does.’

August 2017

Ex-teacher Gordon Fleming admits more child sex offences

A former Powys primary school teacher has admitted further sex offences.

Gordon Fleming, 66, of Oswestry, pleaded guilty on Thursday to 11 indecent assaults on girls under 13, which took place in the 1980s.

He admitted 24 counts last April, with the latest charges bringing the total number of victims to 35.

Judge Geraint Walters told Swansea Crown Court sentencing could take a day because of the large number of victim impact statements needing to be read.

Fleming was previously warned to expect “a significant prison sentence” and will be sentenced on 15 September.

He was convicted of similar offences at Chester Crown Court in 1992.


April 2017

Retired primary school headteacher, 66, admits sexually abusing more than 20 children

A retired Machynlleth primary school headteacher admitted sexually abusing 24 pupils aged under 13 in the 1970s and 80s.

Gordon Fleming, 66, now of The Mews, Burma Road, Park Hall in Oswestry committed the sexual assaults over a five-year period while teaching at primary schools in North Wales.

At a hearing at Swansea Crown Court today, he was told that he is facing a ‘substantial’ prison sentence for groping and touching the girls.  

He was originally faced 61 charges but he admitted one charge in relation to each of his victims who are now aged in their late forties.

The name of each of each abused pupil was read out in court, where Fleming admitted 24 charges of indecent assault.

Judge Geraint Walters told him: ‘You have admitted systematically sexually abusing no less than 24 young girls who were in your trust at the time.

This represents a serious breach of trust for a junior school teacher abusing so many young girls.

‘There will be a significant prison sentence, there is no avoiding that.’

Judge Walters ordered Fleming to register as a sex offender immediately and refused him bail because of the seriousness of his crimes.

Fleming, dressed in grey trousers, a jumper and open-necked shirt blew a kiss to his wife Helen who was sitting in the public gallery before he was led to the cells.

The court heard Fleming was jailed for three years at Chester Crown Court in 1992 for nine charges of a similar nature while he was headmaster at a village school near Welshpool, North Wales.

The charges Fleming admitted to yesterday relate to an earlier time when he was teaching at another primary school in North Wales.

It follows an inquiry by Dyfed Powys Police after several of his pupils reported what happened to them while they were in his classroom.

Officers made a wider appeal to girls he taught at the school between 1976 and 1981 and 24 came forward.

The women, who can’t be named for legal reasons, will each give a victim impact statement when Fleming, from Shropshire, is sentenced in May.

As he was led to the cells below the court Fleming blew a kiss to his wife, who was sitting in the public gallery. His wife refused to comment as left the court alone.