April 2017

Predatory Shropshire PE teacher who touched and messaged pupil banned from classrooms

A PE teacher who put his hand down a pupil’s trousers, “twanged her thong” and touched her breast has been banned from classrooms for life.

Married David Newton-Badman, 38, also grabbed the teenager’s ankles while swimming, saying: “I hope this isn’t the last time I’m between your legs.”

A disciplinary panel found David Newton-Badman who taught in Telford, guilty of sexually motivated unacceptable professional conduct which could bring the teaching profession into disrepute. And they said he had shown insufficient insight or remorse into his behaviour.

The pervy teacher also asked her to kiss him, to send him photos of underwear he could “bite off”, and instructed her to do squats “to make her bum look bigger”.

While on the school skiing trip he also allegedly suggested a naked massage, and messaged the girl saying “clothes on or off?”

He admitted letting the teen put her feet on his lap, holding hands and asking another if she wanted to experience an older man.

He slapped another girl on the bottom and sent her a message saying something along the lines of ‘hotel room, get drunk, sleep with me’

The National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) panel which heard the case in Coventry found Newton-Badman guilty of a string of allegations involving two girls.

The ban was imposed on behalf of Education Secretary Justine Greening.

The allegations included an incident in a swimming pool; asking a pupil to kiss him; and touching a female pupil.

The panel’s findings say that he taught at the school from September 2002 but was placed on special leave in June 2015 after the allegations against him were made. He resigned in October 2015.

In recommending that he should be struck off for life, the panel’s findings say: “The panel has found that Mr Newton-Badman abused his position as a teacher and the trust built up with pupils, to behave in an inappropriate and predatory manner, resulting in him sexually touching Pupil A and persistently sending sexualised messages to pupils.

“The panel do not consider that Mr Newton-Badman has shown sufficient insight or remorse for his actions.”

Imposing the ban on behalf of the education secretary, Alan Meyrick, deputy director of the NCTL, said in many cases involving teachers who are disciplined the way is left open for them to seek to have their ban lifted after a set period of time, but in this case he added: “Balancing the lack of insight and remorse with the sexually motivated nature of the behaviours I have decided to agree with the panel. In my view a decision not to allow for a review period is proportionate.”

Newton-Badman can mount a High Court challenge.