April 2017

Convicted sex offender admitS downloading indecent video of child

A convicted Dundee sex offender has admitted downloading an indecent video of a child at his home in Dundee.

Allen Smith, 35, of Buttar’s Place, was caught with the footage — ranked at the highest level of severity — on May 18 last year.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard police were alerted to Smith having accessed an explicit video involving children after receiving an anonymous tip-off.

A search warrant was executed at Smith’s home address which he shares with his mother and stepfather. They were not present during the search.

Prosecuting, fiscal depute Kirsten Letford said: “A Macbook Pro laptop and charger were recovered in the living room area.

“The accused said it belonged to him and provided police with the password.

“Following examination, officers uncovered a Category A video lasting one minute and 46 seconds involving a 10-year-old girl.

“Further examinations found online searches had been carried out on the device for images of children.”

Smith was detained and gave “no comment” answers to police during an interview.

The dad-of-one has a conviction for indecent exposure to a 12-year-old girl in 1998 when he was 17.

Sentence on Smith was deferred until May 2 to allow a social work report to be compiled.