April 2017

Man jailed for 10 years after he abused children and raped of six-year-old girl

Dwain Rogers will spend ten years in prison for sexual offences against three young girls – the youngest just five.

Rogers, 23, from Gurney Avenue in Tuffley, was due to stand trial this week for 13 sexual offences against the girls at Gloucester Crown Court.

But after a ‘goodyear’ hearing on Tuesday he pleaded guilty to the rape of a child under thirteen, the rape of the same child when she was over 13, the sexual assault of a child and two counts of inciting sexual activity with two of the girls.

The plea was accepted by the crown and the other offences will lie on file.

Prosecuting, Richard Posner said: “Sexual offences relate to three females over a long period of time.

“The first victim who was the last to make a complaint recalls being raped at just six years old and was subjected to further assaults.”

She says the offending behaviour stopped when she had her daughter, the court heard.

Mr Posner told the court the truth came out when the final victim told someone which led to the allegation being made and events unfolded very quickly after that.

Mr Posner summarised the three victim impact statements. The first victim said in her statement that she “broke down” when she found out two other girls had been subjected to similar behaviour.

He told the court the first victim was so distraught when she found out that she said “wasn’t I enough, why did you have to go to others?”

Judge Jamie Tabor QC said to Rogers he continued abuse over a period of a decade with all three girls.

“Your behaviour was coercive and you used threats of violence which caused your first victim to remain quiet.”

Judge Tabor recognises Rogers pleaded guilty which means the girls do not have to go through the evidence again.

Judge Tabor sentenced Rogers to 10 years imprisonment and issued a sexual harm prevention order meaning he is not allowed to reside with any unrelated child unless he informs the parents of the crime he has committed.

He is also disqualified from ever working with children and will be on the sex offenders register for life.

April 2017

Rapist faces long jail term for child sex abuse

A 22-year-old Gloucester man has been told to expect a long jail term after he admitted subjecting two girls to rape and one to sexual abuse over an eleven-year-period.

Dwain Rogers of Gurney Avenue, Tuffley, was due to stand jury trial today after a jury in a previous trial held in November could not reach majority verdicts – even after seven hours deliberation.

But at the last minute Rogers pleaded guilty today to the rape of a child under 13, the rape of a child under 16 and the sexual assault of a child under 13.

Rogers also pleaded guilty to inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Defending, Anjali Gohil had asked for a ‘Goodyear’ direction – an indication of the maximum sentence imposed based on her client pleading guilty to five of the 13 original sex offences on the three girls he was charged with.

Judge Jamie Tabor said there would be a maximum sentence of 11 years for all five offences.

Rogers then pleaded guilty and will be sentenced on Thursday afternoon.