July 2017

Pervert jailed for nine years after abducting and having sex with schoolgirl

A PERVERT who abducted a teenage girl and told her he wanted to travel to Paris with her and change her identity has been jailed for nine years.

Rick McGovern started talking to the underage girl on online messenger service Kik, where he used a picture of comic hero Deadpool instead of his own face, and took her to his home in Waterside Marina, Brightlingsea, after arranging to meet up three times.

Police found the victim in his bedroom after she went missing from Suffolk earlier this year.

Whilst she was at the house, McGovern forced her to have six sexual encounters and took explicit photographs of her.

McGovern had previously been jailed for 15 months in 2007 for sexual activity with an underage girl, taking indecent images of girls and possessing more than 2,000 indecent images.

Richard Potts, told the court McGovern had met up with the girl twice before the next meeting when they arranged to travel to Brightlingsea together.

He said: “What surprised her was he wanted to keep her away from his friends.

“He said he wanted her to change the way she looked and wanted to get her some hair dye.

“He said he would like to go to Paris or Germany and said he could get her whatever he wanted.”

At a previous hearing McGovern, 32, had admitted abduction, meeting a child following grooming, three counts of sexual activity with a child, taking an indecent photo and two counts of breaching a sexual offences prevention order intended to stop him having unsupervised contact with children or talking to them online.

The victim had initially told police she only had sex with McGovern once, but later revealed it had been up to six times.

In her victim personal statement she said: “When I first met him we really got along.

“I started to think I was in love.

“To start with I felt amazing but ever since then I have felt awful and distressed.

“I get scared whenever I see someone I don’t know or a van I do not recognise.

“I don’t want him to be out of prison because I am scared he will find me somehow.”

Judge Rupert Overbury handed McGovern nine years in jail, and said he was convinced he was a danger to young girls meaning he would also serve an extended licence period of five years once released.

He said: “You are no stranger to committing sexual offences.

“On this occasion I am perfectly satisfied you joined Kik for the purpose of enticing young girls.

“Having successfully enticed the victim you then manipulated her into believing you were someone she could trust.

“She responded to your false flattery and attention allowing you to groom her for your own sexual gratification.

“There was obvious planning by you and you wanted the abduction to be longer than it was as you suggested she change her appearance and go abroad.

“But for the police, there was no end in sight for the abuse.”

McGovern was also slapped with an indefinite restraining order banning him on contacting the victim or going close to her home.

He was also made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order stopping him from being around children, and owning a device which can access the internet without the police being aware.

April 2017

Pervert admits abducting and having sex with schoolgirl

A man has admitted to repeatedly having sex with a schoolgirl.

Ricky McGovern, of Waterside Marina, Brightlingsea, appeared at Ipswich Crown Court this morning on a range of counts including child abduction and engaging in sexual activity with a child.

McGovern, 31, admitted abducting the 15-year-old girl, from Suffolk, between March 16 and March 19 this year after grooming her.

On at least four occasions he had sex with the teenager.

He also admitted to taking indecent photographs of the girl and breaching a sexual offences prevention order, made in 2007.