March 2017

Victims’ fury as double rapist who attacked two young girls is moved to a women-only jail after £10k NHS sex change op

A double rapist who had a £10,000 NHS sex change in prison has been moved to a women’s jail.

Jessica Winfield, born Martin Ponting, of Ashton Keynes, Glos attacked two girls and is now in HMP Bronzefield, Surrey.

Ponting abused his victims in Swindon

One of Winfield’s victims said: “He may have changed physically but his brain is still the same.”

The woman, one of two girls attacked by Martin Ponting, added: “To assume the identity of a woman after what he did is a kick in the teeth.”

Dad-of-three Ponting, 50, became Jessica Winfield in prison after being jailed for life in 1995.

She was moved from top-security HMP Whitemoor, Cambs, to women-only HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey, and is hoping to be released this year.

But prison bosses have been hit with a backlash from female inmates — with one even threatening to self-harm to get away from Winfield.

The victim said last night: “There are not enough words to describe him and the evil he has done. It is diabolical they have allowed him to have a sex change and diabolical that he could be freed this year.

“He may have changed physically but his brain is still the same.

“You can change somebody’s genitals but it’s not going to take away the urge and impulse inside them to do horrific things to children.

“I feel like it mocks the people he offended against. It is a kick in the teeth for me and his other victim.”

The woman bravely visited her abuser five years ago in prison as part of a bid to get closure. But she was stunned to see the man who attacked her dressed as a woman.

She said: “I had no idea what was going on. He was sat there wearing a wig and make-up. He had boobs.”

Transgender cons first won the right to have gender surgery in 1999.