April 2017

Sex creep targeted 14-year-old girls at the school gates during break

A sex pest who told frightened schoolgirls they looked “lovely” before offering them condoms, has been locked up.

Sordid John Moore, 36, targeted three 14-year-old girls outside Johnstone High School.

The youngsters, who were on a morning break from class, fled from the creep and alerted teachers to the worrying offer.

At Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday, Moore, of Forth Place in Johnstone, pled guilty to approaching the girls on March 1 this year.

Depute fiscal Claire Nicholls told the court that Moore made the girls feel very uncomfortable during the exchange.

She told the court: “At around 10.30am the three girls were out on their morning break from Johnstone High.

“They were headed for shops on Highcraig Avenue when the accused approached them.

“He said, ‘you look lovely’, he then proceeded to produce an assortment of condoms and then offered them to the girls.

“The girls were clearly frightened by this and fled back to the school.”

The court also heard that Moore is already on the Sex Offenders Register for a previous similar offence.

Sheriff James Spy was in no mood to grant Moore his freedom however and instead remanded him in custody while reports are prepared.

He ordered a Criminal Justice Social Work Report.

He said: “I think we will see how you have been performing in other orders that have been imposed on you previously.

“In the meantime you will be remanded in custody.”

Moore will appear on April 26 to learn his fate.