April 2017

Dundee sex offender described himself as a “dirty old man”

A sex offender described himself as a “dirty old man” as he tried to arrange secret meetings with a child.

At Dundee Sheriff Court, 40-year-old Laurence McMillan, of St Nicholas Place, admitted engaging a child in sexualised chat.

McMillan engaged the child in a series of inappropriate text messages.

He then told the child to delete the messages.

Fiscal depute John Adams said that the pair had engaged in two separate conversations via text on December 19 last year.

The first conversation was general small talk at 5am.

The second series of messages was sent between 4.30pm and 8.30pm.

McMillan quickly turned to inappropriate language, asking the child if they were in bed and asking about their sexual interests.

McMillan told the child: “Don’t tell anyone I’m talking to you.”

When the child asked why, he replied: “Because I’m a dirty old man.”

He told the child to “remember to keep our secret”, before saying, “I will keep my thoughts to myself”.

At this point, the child became uncomfortable with the exchange.

The child told their mum about the messages, and she then contacted the police.

McMillan admitted engaging a child in sexual and inappropriate chat at a property in Dundee on December 19 last year. Sentence was deferred until April 28 and he was placed on the sex offenders register.