Update: Gillibrand is now living in Tywardreath, Cornwall. He has been sacked from his job as a financial advisor

March 2017

Pervert avoids prison over possession of child abuse images

A pervert has avoided prison after pleading guilty to the possession of indecent images of children

Financial advisor Neil Brian Gillibrand of Plymouth appeared at Plymouth Crown Court where he admitted possessing and searching for indecent images of children.

When police analysed his computer internet history, they discovered he had searched for images of forced sexual intercourse with minors 

The images on his computer covered the full range from category C to the worst type of category A.

Gillibrand previously pleaded not guilty at earlier hearings, but changed his plea to guilty to avoid a trial, thereby ensuring a lighter sentence.

He was given a 22 week custodial sentence suspended for two years. Was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for seven years and was also informed that a sexual harm prevention order would be applicable to him.

Police raided his home in January 2016 and seized his computer and other electrical equipment. After an inspection of the equipment the police charged him, he has claimed innocence up to this point.

He used the excuse that he “accidentally” downloaded the images whilst down loading “normal” adult pornography. The police though could prove this was not the case; leaving the deviant with no option but to plead guilty.