May 2017

Pervert who tried to meet 14-year-old girl for sex is jailed

A pervert who travelled to the West Midlands with vodka and baby oil to meet a ‘14-year-old girl for sex’ has been jailed after being duped by an online ‘paedophile hunter’.

Michael Quick, aged 55, from Seven Oaks, Kent, used the dating app Lovoo to strike up a conversation with the supposed girl

The pair exchanged numbers and moved onto WhatsApp, where Quick was told that she was in fact 14.

Yet despite acknowledging this he discussed sexual activities, and arranged to get on a train to meet her at Wolverhampton train station on March 1.

But he was arrested at the station when the paedophile hunter called ‘Phantom Justice’ alerted British Transport Police.

Quick pleaded guilty in March to attempting to meet a girl under 16 years of age following grooming when he appeared at Walsall Magistrates.

Mark Phillips, prosecuting at Wolverhampton Crown Court, said Quick had even sent an image of himself whilst travelling on the train to Wolverhampton, so he could be identified by the supposed teenager.

When officers searched his bag they found vodka and baby oil, which had also been mentioned in the earlier WhatsApp conversations.

All of the conversations were passed on to police by paedophile hunter ‘Phantom Justice’ who had been in touch with him since February, using a fake profile.

Mr Phillips told the court Quick had previously been handed three years probation in Scotland for an offence of unlawful attempted intercourse with a girl, aged between 13 and 16, which dated back to 1994.

The court heard Quick, who was currently suspended from his job with a rail operator in the south east, was a lonely alcoholic who had lived in what police described as ‘squalid conditions.’

Judge Amjad Nawaz jailed Quick for 16 months at Wolverhampton Crown Court and imposed a five-year sexual harm prevention order that will ban him from using the internet without police supervision, or from contacting anyone under the age of 16.

Quick wiped away tears in the dock as Judge Nawaz said he hoped the sentence would also send out a message that prison sentences will be handed down to others for similar offences.

He said: “People under the age of 16 need to be protected, not just from others, but from themselves. They need to be protected because they are vulnerable to people just like you.

“If nothing else I hope this prison sentence sends out a warning to others that they will go to prison for offences like these. If it’s at your expense that the warnings are heeded then so be it.”

April 2017

Southeastern employee ‘took vodka and baby oil’ with him to meet a 14-year-old girl

A Southeastern employee from Sevenoaks took vodka and baby oil with him to meet a 14-year-old girl – but was instead met by the police.

Michael Quick, 55 and of Shenden Close, is due to be sentenced for attempting to meet a girl under the age of 16, after grooming, on Friday (April 28).

He was caught out after paedophile hunter Phantom Justice posed as a 14-year-old girl decoy on a dating app, then set him up to meet the police.

Phantom Justice, who is known as Danny, said: “We were talking on a dating site called Lovoo. He made first contact and it just went from there.

“We moved onto WhatsApp and he told me to tell my teachers I had period pains to get the afternoon off school to meet him.”

In messages seen by Kent Live, the decoy immediately told Quick she was 14, but the 55-year-old’s response was, “That is OK. Lying about your age – we have all done it.”

He told her he had previously sent intimate photos to people on the website and spoke to her about “exotic dancing”. He also discussed sexual activities with her.

Danny, who works alone and always passes his evidence to the police instead of carrying out the stings himself, said: “The day before we were due to meet I passed all the information to the British Transport Police – as we were meeting at a train station – and they met him off the train.

“He was asking me about alcohol and baby oil in our conversation, and said it would take him three hours to get to me.

“But he worked for a train company so he could get free travel.”

Quick sent the decoy an image of himself while he was on the train to meet her.

But when he arrived at Wolverhampton railway station on March 1, police arrested him and he was found to have vodka and baby oil in his possession.

He pleaded guilty to the offence at Walsall Magistrates’ Court on March 31 and will appear before Wolverhampton Crown Court on Friday (April 28).

A Southeastern spokesman previously told Kent Live: “Michael Quick has been suspended and action will be taken in accordance with our normal procedures.”

April 2017

Paedophile, admits attempting to meet a 14-year-old at Wolverhampton train station

A Sevenoaks paedophile has admitted grooming a 14-year-old girl and attempting to meet her at a train station.

Michael Quick, aged 55, used dating app Lovvo to start a conversation with a decoy from the online protection team ‘Phantom Justice’

The pair exchanged numbers and moved onto WhatsApp, where Quick was told by the girl that she was 14.

Despite acknowledging this, Quick, from Shendon Close, Seven Oaks, Kent, continued to hold a conversation with her, discussing sexual activities, and arranged to get on a train to meet her in Wolverhampton on March 1, the court was told.

When he arrived at the station, Quick was arrested by police, who had been called by a man who had pretended to be the girl.

The defendant was found with vodka and baby oil, which had also been mentioned in the WhatsApp conversations, which were passed on to police.

Prosecuting, Mr Mukhtaiar Aubhi said: “The defendant is aged 55 and lives in Kent.

“He arranged to meet a 14-year-old girl in Wolverhampton, give her alcohol and have sex with her. However, the girl is in fact an adult who, for want of a better phrase, acted as a paedophile hunter.

“When the conversation moved on to WhatsApp, it was made clear the girl was 14 and this did not stop him from making plans. He asked during conversations that she not tell anyone because he didn’t want to end up in jail.

“He said he would bring both beer and vodka for them to drink. When she said that she hadn’t drank alcohol before, he said vodka would taste better to her.

“When he arrived at Wolverhampton train station, officers from West Midlands Police were waiting to arrest him after being given details of what he had done.”

In one conversation, Quick pleaeded with the decoy to ‘take the day off school and to tell teachers that she was having period pains’

Quick pleaded guilty to one charge of attempting to meet a girl under 16 years of age following grooming.

Defence solicitor Mr Jason Georgiou said: “I am afraid I have been left with little to say. I have to concede that the sentence should be given in the crown court.”

Quick will be sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court on April 28.