April 2017

Former Kent police officer jailed

A police inspector has been jailed after officers found he was making and sharing sickening images of children being abused

Timothy Neville Ryton, aged 45, formerly of Folkestone, has been sentenced at Lewes Crown Court to nine years imprisonment after pleading guilty to nine sexual offence charges.

Ryton, a former Kent Police officer with 25 years’ service, was arrested on 23 January 2017 and questioned by officers. He was subsequently bailed to an address in Essex.

Ryton was formerly suspended from duty on 24 January 2017, and subsequently dismissed without notice at a Public Misconduct Hearing on 7 April.

On 29 March, he pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing indecent images, two counts of voyeurism, two counts of taking indecent videos and two counts of distribution of indecent videos at Crawley Magistrates Court, and was bailed to appear for sentencing on 26 April 2017.

We were contacted by Greater Manchester Police on 23 January 2017 with information they received during the course of an investigation in Stockport, and a Kent Police investigation immediately commenced.

Ryton was found to own a mobile phone with a private messaging app. Investigating officers were able to identify locations that the phone was connected to wifi, thereby determining the phone and messaging account belonged to Ryton by cross referencing his movements.

This included a private address in Kent, the public guest wifi account at Kent Police, and locations in London, Paris, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Rome during 2016 and January 2017.

The offences, using the private messaging app, were carried out between 5 and 7 November 2016 whilst Ryton was at his private address in Kent.

Using the name ‘Hubbabubba71’ Ryton posted sexual images and videos he had made, shared other obscene material, and used language which was graphic, obscene and sadistic on the messaging app.

Whilst sentencing Ryton, the Right Honourable Judge Niblett described the case as ‘wholly exceptional’, and said Ryton was a ‘deeply disturbed man.’

The Judge told Ryton: ‘To read and hear your chat logs were chilling and show your acts were deliberately calculated and wicked. You represent significant danger to children, especially young girls. This case portrays possibly the worst breach of trust I have ever seen.’

He also handed Ryton an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order, and ordered that two phones belonging to Ryton were forfeited and destroyed.

April 2017

Pervert sacked by Kent Police over child sex abuse videos and pictures

A police inspector has been sacked for gross misconduct after officers found he was making and sharing sickening images of children being abused

Chief Constable Alan Pughsley dismissed Inspector Timothy Ryton following a hearing at Kent Police headquarters in Maidstone today.

The hearing also revealed he logged into the account he used to share the material while at work, connected to the Kent Police wifi network.

Ryton, formerly of Folkestone, will be sentenced at Lewes Crown Court later this month after admitting nine criminal charges in Crawley in March.

He was discovered when detectives from Greater Manchester Police alerted Kent Police about information they had received from an investigation focusing on Stockport in Cheshire.

The hearing was told Ryton – a supervisory officer with more than 25 years service – had used two internet addresses in Kent to log in to a sharing website – one from a Sky TV account at an address in Kent and the other was an IP address “belonging to Kent Police”.

Under the username HubbaBubba71, Ryton posted sexual images and videos he had made of young girls.

Det Supt John McDermott, who led the investigation for the Kent Police professional standards department, gave examples of the kind of material Ryton had been sharing which included sexual abuse of girls aged between seven and 11.

Det Supt McDermott told the hearing that footage deleted from Ryton’s mobile phone and recovered by investigators was “exactly the same” as the material posted online.

He said: “He remained silent throughout his formal interview. Mr Ryton has declined to provide a reason neither does he intend to appear before today’s hearing.

“Police security access show he was not at work when the account was connected from his home address.

“But he was at work when HubbaBubba71 was connected to the Kent Police wifi account.”

It has not been revealed whether he was sharing the material when he accessed the account at work.

Data recovered during the investigation showed Ryton, who worked at the force control room at police headquarters in Maidstone, had also logged in to the account from London, Paris, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Rome.

He was arrested in January and suspended from duty as a police officer immediately.

Det Supt McDermott said: “Following his arrest he was released with a number of bail conditions. One was not being in possession of a mobile phone capable of accessing the internet.

“His father contacted Kent Police and said he was in possession of a mobile phone which his father suspected was in breach of his bail conditions.”

March 2017

Kent police inspector admits child image charges

A police inspector has admitted making and distributing indecent images and videos of children.

Timothy Ryton, formerly of Folkestone who works for the Kent force, appeared at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on nine charges.

The officer pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing indecent images of children, two of taking indecent videos, two of distribution, and two of voyeurism unrelated to a child.

He was bailed and will be sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on 26 April.

The 45-year-old was arrested on 23 January and formally suspended from duty the following day.