March 2017

Paedo jailed for offering a TISSUE to a child because of his 50-year history of child abuse

A PERVERT has been jailed for offering a hankie to a crying child because of his 50-year history as a paedophile.

Peter Jones, 80, twice tried to pass the five-year-old girl a tissue after she sat next to him on a bus with her dad.

His action flouted a ban on him having any contact with kids. The sex offender wears an electronic tag on his leg and was arrested soon after the latest breach.

He has previously been jailed for patting a two-year-old girl on the head, knocking on the window of a shop where a child was and for going to a funfair.

Jones admitted breaching a sexual harm prevention order on the bus in Stockport, Greater Manchester, in February. Judge Jinder Singh Boora jailed him for 20 months at the city’s crown court.

He told him: “The public have a right to be protected from you.”

Jones, of Stockport, has 29 previous convictions and has been jailed on numerous occasions. His sex offending dates back to 1966 in Australia.

Jones has appeared in courts around the world for crimes against boys. He got nine months’ jail last year for damaging his tag by wearing it in the bath.