November 2017

Convicted sex offender has suspended prison sentence activated after declining emergency accommodation

A convicted sex offender has had the suspended portion of his prison sentence activated after declining emergency accommodation organised after his release from prison.

David Radford (21), formerly of Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin received a three-and-a-half-year sentence in November 2015 at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for sexual assault.

Radford, who was released in March of this year, had the final 12 months of his sentence suspended on condition that he comply with all directions of the probation service.

He has 15 previous convictions, three of which were for sexually assaulting women in random attacks, the earliest dating back to April 2010 when he was fourteen years old.

Last month Judge Martin Nolan heard Radford had breached conditions of his bail. Radford had declined emergency accommodation and had been sleeping rough.

His defence counsel, Kieran Kelly BL, said Radford had received publicity in a national Sunday newspaper and had faced abuse since his release. He said Radford had been attacked on several occasions and was concerned for his safety in a hostel.

Judge Nolan said at the October hearing: “I’m not going to let Mr Radford out to live rough.”

He said that if Radford was not prepared to live in accommodation the probation service provided then he would have no choice but to re-activate the suspended sentence.

Judge Nolan then remanded Radford in custody for one month and said that it was Radford’s decision where he wished to reside.

Today Judge Nolan read a probation report prepared for the court and noted Radford “prefers where he is to a homeless centre.”

Judge Nolan activated the remaining 12 month suspended portion of the sentence.

Update: Radford is now free and is living near the Institute of Technology, Tallaght

November 2015

Sex offender sentenced to three and a half years for sexually assaulting teen girl (15)

A convicted sex offender who tried to drag a 15-year-old girl into a cul-de-sac after telling her he wanted her and her body has been sentenced to three and half years.

David Radford (19) was arrested after gardaí nominated him as a suspect having viewed CCTV footage from the area.

He could be seen following the girl from her Luas stop before he approached her asking directions to a main road.

Radford denied the allegation in interviews with gardaí but was re-arrested in January 2015, two months after the attack, when his DNA was found.

His 15 previous convictions include three for sexual assaulting women in similar random attacks, dating back to April 2010 when Radford was 14 years old.

Radford of Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to sexual assault of a child in a Dublin suburb on November 12, 2014.

Garda Michael Noctor told Anne Rowland BL, prosecuting that the teenager noticed that Radford had his hand down the front of his pants as he walked alongside her when she was on her way home that evening.

He asked her did she have a boyfriend before he grabbed her from behind and pushed her towards a cul-de-sac.

She was screaming at him, telling him to get off her and she eventually managed to get away.

Gda Noctor said she ran for “quite a bit” before she assured herself that Radford was not following her. A friend whom she happened to meet, brought her home and gardaí were alerted.

The teenager was able to give gardaí a good description of her attacker.

Ms Rowland read from the victim impact report in which the teenager stated that she had nightmares every night since the attack and woke up screaming for her mother, “just as I screamed for her that night”.

She said she didn’t want to sleep because she could only see Radford’s face. She was petrified on the night of the attack that she would never get away from him.

She said she lost herself after the attack and wanted to find herself again. She felt numb, life was a blur and she thought she would never be the same person again. She struggled to connect to people “in good faith”.

She said she felt “cut to the bone” and believed it would never be undone, but added that through her family’s “loving support” she had found ways to cope.

Judge Martin Nolan noted that Radford claimed to have no memory of the attack because he was on headshop drugs and tablets but the judge said this fact “does not lessen his culpability”.

He said the impact the attack had on the victim was “pretty reasonable and to be expected”.

The judge accepted that Radford has expressed remorse but said he had history of offending in a similar way. Judge Nolan suspended the last 12 months of the three and half year sentence on strict conditions.