April 2017

Linslade golf pro jailed for 14 years for sexual offences against teenage girls

A FORMER golf professional who raped a teenage girl and sexually assaulted two others has been jailed and branded a danger to young females

Gavin Samuels, 26 was said to have abused his position of trust while coaching two of the victims at a Bedfordshire golf club.

Other conditions to the sentence mean he will not be able to work with children and will not be able to enter any golf club in Britain if there is the potential for teenage girls to be playing. He must also register as a sex offender for life.

Samuels, of Melfort Drive, Linslade, near Leighton Buzzard, was convicted after two trials at Luton Crown Court, the second of which concluded in February this year.

He was convicted of four charges of rape and six charges of various sexual assaults on two girls aged under 16. He had denied all the offences.

Judge Lynn Tayton QC described him as ‘predatory and manipulative’.

She said: “I have been told that golf was your life but you were not deterred that you could lose your career. You were in a position of trust.

“There is evidence of a long history of your interest in young girls which manifested itself when you were 15 and continued until you were reported to police.”

She had also listened to victim impact statements from the three victims describing the effect the abuse had on their lives.

The offences were committed between 2006 and 2014. The first victim was about 12 when the abuse began and he was aged between 15 and 16 years. She was 13 when he first raped her.

He had been a friend of her family, and would come to the house to help her with her homework, said the prosecutor, Anne Brown.

The offences against the two other victims occurred later and they were aged between 14 and 16. He had been helping young members at the club with their golf. He urged the girls not to tell anyone, saying it would ruin his career. He also sent one of them inappropriate text messages.

Miss Sasha Bailey, defending, said: “Golf has been a major part of his life and career. He knows he is going to receive a lengthy sentence.”

March 2017

‘Despicable’ Golfer guilty of appalling child sex abuse with victims as young as 12

A golfer who has recently turned Professional has been found guilty of “appalling” crimes against girls as young as 12 including rape and sexual assault.

Gavin Samuels sexually abused three young girls over a period of several years

Samuels, of Melfort Drive, Leighton Buzzard, targeted his first victim despite knowing she was only 12-years-old.

He would later go on to groom two other victims

Luton Crown Court heard the 26-year-old would ply his victims with gifts and shower them with messages before engaging in sexual activity with them, despite knowing it was illegal.

He would also buy them cigarettes in exchange for performing sexual acts on him.

Samuels persuaded one of his victims to download communication apps WhatsApp and Snapchat so they could exchange pictures and messages for free. 

In total, he was convicted of 10 crimes across two trials, including:

  • Four counts of child rape

  • Two counts of sexual activity with a child under 16

  • One count of assault by penetration

  • One count of sexual assault with a child under 16

  • One count of sexual assault with a child under 13

  • One count of attempted sexual activity with a child under 16. 

In the August trial, Samuels was found not guilty of one count of rape and one count of attempted sexual activity with a child in relation to the same case. 

He is due to be sentenced on April 28.