October 2018

Convicted paedophile seen talking to young girls on his doorstep after his release from jail

A “persistent” sex offender is back behind bars after he was caught chatting to a string of young girls outside his west Hull home.

Paedophile Ray Dell, 50, who has previously been jailed for sexual assaults on a child and possessing indecent images, was only out of jail on licence and was subject to a sexual harm prevention order when he breached it over three months this year.

John Batchelor, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court a concerned mother reported him to police after Dell was seen chatting to girls while seated on his doorstep in Airlie Street after they left school in the afternoons.

In total, he had done this with nine girls aged between seven and 13 between April 29 and July 30.

Dell, a father-of-two described as “intelligent” and “articulate”, was arrested and made admissions to police, although he said the contact with the girls took place after 6pm and not after 4pm as alleged.

Mr Batchelor said he had a “significant record of previous sexual offending”, which included being jailed for four years in York in 2008, jailed in October 2016 for breaching a sexual offences prevention order, and for two years in Hull in January 2017 for breaching another sex offending order and having indecent images.

He admitted breaching the latest order, which prohibited him from having unsupervised contact with children under 16.

Judge David Tremberg told Dell’s barrister, David Godfrey: “He’s an intelligent, capable man. Articulate. he clearly understood what he should and shouldn’t do and couldn’t resist the attention of young children.”

Mr Godfrey said: “He’s become quite isolated socially in recent years. He is the author of his own misfortune. He finds it difficult to identify as a sex offender, but he accepts there are stringent guidelines he needs to adhere to.

“It was in plain sight; it wasn’t in the property, and there’s no suggestion of any physical contact.”

At a previous sentencing hearing last year, the court was told Dell had befriended two mothers and then gone on to babysit their children – when they had no idea he was a sex offender.

Jailing Dell for 16 months on Monday, Judge Tremberg told him: “There are elements of grooming here. You fostered their attention, you developed trust and an emotional bond with them.

February 2017

Hull sex offender befriended mums to babysit their children

A paedophile who befriended two mothers went on to babysit for their children – but they had no idea he was a sex offender.

Ray Dell, 49, had previously been jailed for four years for seven sexual assaults on a child and possessing indecent images of children.

But the two mums, one who had three daughters and the other who had one daughter, were unaware of his previous convictions.

Between 2012 and his arrest in October last year, Dell would leave go out on day trips with the families and babysit the children.

On one occasion the three children belonging to one of the mums went up to Dell’s flat and spent around half an hour alone with him although there was no suggestion anything happened.

On another occasion, he was at a play centre with the other mum and her daughter. The mum was concerned when he started taking photos of the girl while they were both in the ball pool.

Dell, of Newland Court, off Alexandra Road in west Hull, previously admitted breaching a sexual offences prevention order and taking an indecent photograph of a child.

At Hull Crown Court Nigel Clive, for Dell, explained that his client admits his actions were inexcusable.

Dell was jailed for 18 months for breaching the order and given a further six months consecutively for taking the indecent image.

Judge Graham Robinson said: “This wasn’t simply unsupervised contact with these children, you allowed them into your home. There was no reasonable excuse for your conduct.”

Dell was handed a new sexual harm prevention order and is already on the sex offenders’ register for life.