November 2017

Burnley sex offender who breached terms of court order is jailed

A SEX offender who has 120 previous convictions who breached the terms of his sexual harm prevention order has been jailed.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Stephen Lewis Hutchinson, who was jailed for seven years in 2005 for attempted child rape and indecent assault of a child, was given the order earlier this year after pleading guilty to possessing extreme pornographic images.

He was also given a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

Part of the order meant Hutchinson, 42, couldn’t have any device capable of accessing the internet unless he made the device available on request by the police.

Prosecuting, Francis McEntee said police went to his former address in Bacup on October 2 to inform him he had failed to sign the sex offender’s registration on September 4.

Mr McEntee said: “He explained he thought it was February that he was due to sign on. He was then asked if he had any devices capable of accessing the internet.

At which point he handed over a black Samsung phone. When asked if there were any other devices he said no.

“But a search in the property revealed 15 other items of interest which could have either accessed the internet or stored images.”

Hutchinson, of Yorkshire Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to breaching a notification requirement, breaching a sexual harm prevention order and breaching a suspended sentence.

Defending, Salina Akhtar said police found no offensive material on any of the devices and that he was intending to sell some of the mobile phones that were recovered.

Ms Akhtar said: “When the police entered the address too speak to him he was asked if he was in possession of a mobile phone. He did did hand over the mobile phone he did use at that time.”

Jailing Hutchinson for 11 months, Judge Beverley Lunt said: ” When you come out of prison you are still subject to the notification requirements and you are still subject to the terms of the sexual harm prevention order.”

February 2017

Sex offender caught with ‘disgraceful and disgusting’ images involving animals

A convicted sex offender who has 120 previous convictions and who was caught with extreme pornographic images involving animals on his phone has avoided jail.

Police attended Stephen Hutchinson’s former home on North Road in Rawtenstall and during a routine check of his mobile phone they found 47 images.

Burnley Crown Court heard how an examination of the phone’s internet history also revealed that the 41-year-old had made searches for ‘rape’.

Hutchinson, now of Bacup, pleaded guilty to possessing extreme pornographic images.

He was given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years with a supervision requirement, a 30-day rehabilitation activity required and a sex offender programme.

Mercedes Jabbari, prosecuting, said police found the images when they attended his former home at 6.30pm on December 22 last year.

She told the court: “The purpose of the visit was to discuss concerns about a Facebook posting potentially exposing the defendant as a sex offender.

“While they were there the officers requested to view his phone and raised concern about the search history and websites used.”

Ms Jabbari said when Hutchinson, who has 120 previous convictions, was interviewed he admitted viewing and downloading the images, but ‘minimised it somewhat by saying he had been speaking to people about it and became curious’.

Judge Beverley Lunt said they were ‘disgraceful and disgusting’ images and that she ‘wouldn’t give him another chance’.

Sentencing, she said: “He knew exactly what he was doing was wrong, especially with his previous convictions.

“I can’t send him to prison for long enough so they could do anything with him.”