July 2016

Father jailed for eight years for brutal attack on six-week-old son which left him disabled

A DAD who inflicted “’catastrophic life changing injuries” on his six week old baby son has been jailed for eight years.

William Coryn was behind a brutal attack on Tyler leaving him with a fractured skull while his mum was at the dentist.

William Coryn

The boy – now aged three – is severely disabled and needs full time care for the rest of his life.

His mum, Lesley, said after the hearing “he doesn’t deserve the title of father – I hate him”.

Coryn, 32, lied to paramedics trying to save his son’s life by saying he had choked on his milk and lost consciousness.

He then attempted to cover his tracks and lied repeatedly to the child’s mother, hospital staff and police about what had happened

Coryn later admitted he had ‘shaken the hell’ out of the baby but has never explained how Tyler sustained the fractured skull and bleeding on the brain

Victim Tyler now has cerebral palsy, hearing and vision loss, severe cognitive impairment, epilepsy and has to be fed through a tube.

Lesley said afterwards: “He doesn’t deserve the title of father – I hate him.”

She said Tyler cannot walk or talk and will never lead an independent life.

But Lesley said: “But he is still smiling despite everything he has gone through.”

The judge condemned Coryn, from Praze An Beeble, Cornwall, for his lies and trying to hide what he did in the attack in March 2013.

The court heard Coryn was looking after the baby while his partner, Lesley Morgan, went to the dentist at around 3.15pm.

Passing sentence, recorder Julia Clayton said: “By 4pm, or there abouts, Tyler had catastrophic life-changing injuries.”

She added: “You maintained for eight days that all that had happened was that he had choked on his milk and lost consciousness and all that you had done was retrieve him.

“You maintained that account when questioned by doctors that were trying to save Tyler and help him after they have saved his life.”

Recorder Clayton continued: “He was seriously injured by you and you tried to conceal what had happened to him by not assisting what you had done and making up different accounts.

“You described that as selfish to a degree. That description does not come close to how much you let down Tyler and his mother.”

Recorder Julia Clayton praised the boy’s mother Lesley Morgan for the way she is looking after him.

She added: “Tyler is lucky to have her for his mother and she is doing an amazing job.”