February 2017

Man jailed for showing pornography to girl on mobile phone


A SEX offender has been jailed for his “disgusting” behaviour involving showing pornography to a young girl.

He claimed that he merely left her to watch the children’s favourite Monster High on his mobile phone but returned to find her looking at adult material, a court heard.

Ross Lancaster, 34, of College Street, Cleethorpes, denied causing a child under 13 to look at images of a person engaging in sexual activity on May 12.

He was unanimously convicted by a jury at Grimsby Crown Court after a trial.

Lancaster also denied engaging in sexual activity in the presence of the girl.

He was convicted on that matter by a majority verdict of 11 to one.

He was jailed for two years and three months and must register as a sex offender for 10 years. He was also given a five-year restraining order.

Judge Mark Bury told him: “This offending is disgusting and it’s had significant consequences and, for those consequences, you must pay the penalty.”

During the trial, Lancaster claimed that the offences never happened and that he did not show pornography to the girl.

He claimed that he downloaded a scary children’s film, Monster High, to cheer the girl up and left his phone with her.

He claimed that he later checked back with her when he thought the film had supposedly finished and caught her looking at pornography.

Lancaster claimed he took the phone off the girl.

The youngster claimed, however, that Lancaster showed the pornography to her and gave her instructions on how to access it.

He claimed that he did not realise that there was pornography on the phone.

He claimed that they had a discussion about what she was watching.

The court heard that he either committed a sexual act in front of her or was thrusting or gyrating his body in simulation.