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August 2016

Former Chelmsford supermarket worker downloaded hundreds of child sex abuse images over nine years


A former supermarket worker who downloaded hundreds of child sex abuse images over nine years has avoided a jail sentence.

Matteo Manfredi, 29, of Harrington Mead, Chelmsford was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday (October 18) for downloading 665 indecent images of children. He had admitted the offences in August.

In summer last year, police received information linking indecent material on the internet to Manfredi’s IP address. They found the images after seizing three computers from his home on October 28.

Most of the pornography showed girls aged between eight and 15, but among the images were abuse of a one-year-old and a three-year-old.

Further examination of the computers revealed Manfredi searched for websites containing pre-teen pornography. According to Judge Martin Levett, Manfredi admitted to having “dipped in and out” of viewing such images since 2007.

Judge Levitt told him: “I do not believe you looked at the pictures out of curiosity, as you put it.

“The sheer number of these images, some of which were the most grave imaginable, shows you must have viewed them for your sexual gratification.”

There is a “high chance” Manfredi would reoffend without rehabilitation, he added.

“To make sure your viewing does not continue, I must deter you. I must make sure you are educated about the epidemic levels of this material and the harm you cause by viewing it.

“By viewing it, you encourage these activities. It means the market for these images continues in a perpetual way.

“What you need to realise is the persons involved are very young children, who have no say in what goes on, and the difficulty is they may never recover from the depraved acts committed on them.”

Manfredi must complete the 150 hours of unpaid work within three years and 75 days of rehabilitation.

He will be subject to a sexual harm prevention order for five years, which will require him to notify authorities of any change in address or passport.

The computers storing the images will be destroyed.