September 2017: Sentence increased by a further three years.

On Tuesday the Court of Appeal, following a referral under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme, increased his sentence to nine years in prison with an extended licence period of four years.

Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC said: “This offender deceived a large number of young victims and manipulated them into doing unspeakable acts, resulting in serious psychological harm. Just because these crimes were committed from behind a screen doesn’t make them any less serious. I hope the increased sentence shows how seriously the Courts take these matters.”

January 2017

Paedophile jailed for fooling teenage boys into performing sex acts online


AN ONLINE predator who used ‘sophisticated trickery’ to dupe naive teenage boys into believing he was a woman performing sexual acts has been caged.

Alex Orr looked on as he was locked up for ‘exploiting’ the teenagers on Facebook and Skype after inventing a fake identity.

The 27-year-old fooled his victims into thinking they were having ‘genuine encounters’ with ‘Sarah Duffy’ to satisfy his sexual gratification.

Judge Ian Pringle QC today branded the paedophile a danger to the public before jailing him for six years, with a four-year extended licence period.

Boys as young as seven were enticed to join their older siblings on webcam during Orr’s ‘truly shocking’ offending, prosecutor Matthew Walsh told Oxford Crown Court.

Orr also encouraged a paedophile, thought to be in Australia or New Zealand, to sexually abuse a baby and toddler while he watched online, he added

The paedophile, of Villeboys Close, Abingdon, confessed he had used Facebook to satisfy his sexual desires for decades, chatting with thousands of teenage boys.

His offending was uncovered when police ransacked his home and seized two laptops after he was arrested for inciting a child to perform a sexual act, the court heard.

The sex offender, who was also caught with animal pornography and is still supported by his partner-of-nine-years

Orr admitted:

  • Three counts of making indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of a child

  • Possession of an extreme pornographic image

  • Two counts of inciting a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity

  • 10 counts of arranging or facilitating the commission of child sex offences between November 2012 and November 2015.