January 2017

Child rapist confessed to mother of his ten-year-old victim

A child rapist who confessed to the mother of his victim has been jailed.

John Carignani sexually assaulted the ten-year-old girl on two occasions but the Crown Office considered the evidence was insufficient to bring charges.

When the girls’ mother contacted the sex offender he admitted his guilt, claiming he had lost control of himself and hinted he had considered suicide after the attacks.

In text messages he wrote: “I can only say I’m sorry for everything. I’ll be dead by the morning. I’m sorry.”

Carignani, 41, then sent her a letter saying: “I lost control of myself and I tried to hide that. Please don’t think of me as some kind of a monster, because I am not. Not really.”

A recording was also made of a phone conversation between the offender and the girl’s mother.

A judge at the High Court in Edinburgh was told  the contents of the letter, text messages and phone recordings provided the necessary supporting evidence for charges to be brought against Carignani.

Unemployed Carignani, formerly of Cuthelton Street in Tollcross, Glasgow, admitted the rape and sexual assault on the girl at two houses in the city in December 2014 and April the following year.

Lord Boyd sentenced Carignani to four and a half years’ imprisonment and ordered he be kept under supervision for a further three years and placed on the sex offenders register.