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October 2016

Blaenau Gwent man had hundreds of indecent images of children

A BLAENAU GWENT man has been jailed for possessing hundreds of indecent videos of children, including one clown-themed clip.

Paul Narusberg, aged 69, of Tynewydd, Tredegar, was sentenced at Newport Crown Court after pleading guilty to possessing indecent images of children.

Steven Donoghue, prosecuting, told the court that on September 28 this year police searched the defendant’s home where they found a total of 770 indecent images of children on a computer.

Narusberg was arrested at Bristol Airport at 10.05pm later that day as he returned from a holiday.

Of the category A images, 498 were videos and two were photographs, depicting children as young as three with the majority being of children aged between six and 12.

Some images included “fetishes” such as children being tied up and one was based on a clown theme, the court heard.

Police also found 336 images, of mixed categories and 154 “borderline” images— which were considered by police as being “concerning in some way”.

Judge Christopher Llewellyn-Jones QC, noted the “horrific” amount of indecent image cases “coming through the courts” recently and stated a custodial sentence was the only option.

“In some ways I find it difficult at times to distinguish between people who watch these types of images or material and people who create them,” he said.

“If there wasn’t people who watched there wouldn’t be the demand for the abuse of children in the way that it appears in these videos.

“I see very little distinction between those who watch them and those who take part in them. It’s absolutely horrific what was being done to these children.”

“You’re only slightly younger than I am and frankly, you disgust me,” he added.

Narusberg was sentenced to 18 months in prison and must serve at least half before being released on licence. When released, he will be subject to a 12-month period of supervision and will be listed on the sexual offenders register for 10 years.

A sexual harm prevention order was also imposed, and Narusberg will be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults for life.