November 2018

Vile paedophile sentenced to further prison

arnoldA man jailed last year for the kidnap and sexual assault of a young girl near Burton-upon-Trent in 2001 has today (November 6) been sentenced for making thousands of indecent images of children. 

The offence refers to amending existing digital or film images rendering them indecent. 

Arnold David Baxter, aged 74, was given a nine-year sentence in February 2017 for abducting a six-year-old girl in Barton-under-Needwood in March 2001.

A DNA hit following a drink-driving offence (15 years after the kidnap took place) led to Baxter’s arrest at his home address in Rugby, Warwickshire, where officers from Staffordshire Police seized devices capable of storing digital media.

These devices were forensically examined, following the search of Baxter’s address on 6 October 2016, and indecent images of children were found on 11 of the devices, with almost 700 images in the most serious category (category A). In total, 6,582 images were found.

The court was told officers had taken away three van-loads of material to be examined, including VHS cassettes, publications and the electronic devices.

Baxter, who is also known as David, pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent or pseudo images of children at Leamington Magistrates’ Court on August 15.

He was sentenced today to a further 12 months in prison for the category A offence, which will be served in addition to his nine-year sentence.

He received further four-month (category B images) and three-month sentences (category C images) to be served concurrently.

Sentencing at Warwick Crown Court, Judge Andrew Lockhart also made Baxter the subject of a sexual offences prevention order and a destruction order was issued for his equipment. 

February 2017

Paedophile, 72, who was on the run for 16 YEARS is finally brought to justice

A 72-year-old paedophile who was on the run for 16 years has finally been brought to justice after giving a DNA sample when he was caught drink driving on his birthday.

Arnold Baxter has now been jailed for nine years after admitting abducting and indecently assaulting a six-year-old girl more than 15 years ago.

The child was taken from Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, in March 2001 and assaulted.

Baxter, of Rugby, Warwickshire, was caught after he was arrested for drink-driving on his birthday in September 2016 and his DNA profile matched samples taken from the coat of the victim.

He admitted driving to the village in a black Ford Mondeo with false registration plates, snatching the young girl and indecently assaulting her before dumping her in another village where she was found half an hour later by a passing motorist.

Baxter pleaded guilty to kidnap and indecent assault and was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court today.

Speaking after the sentencing, the victim’s mother said: ‘My daughter has spent these last 15 years of her life growing into the beautiful and successful person that she is today and will continue to be in the years to come.

‘In spite of – or perhaps because of – her kind and generous nature, my daughter fully deserves to have this moment – to know that the man who is none of these things, a man who thinks it’s acceptable to kidnap, assault and abandon a vulnerable six-year old child, has finally been called to account for his actions and will now be punished for them.

‘Mr Baxter has spent the last 15 years of his life continuing to go about his day-to-day business and taking advantage of the things he enjoys in life. 

‘I can only imagine that even the most mundane of pleasures must always have been tainted somewhat by the knowledge that one day his enjoyment of them must come to an end.’

Claire Nicholls, from the CPS, said: ‘For over 15 years Arnold Baxter thought that he had got away with his crime, however, today he has been brought to justice and will now have to face the consequences of his actions.

‘Once the prosecution was able to demonstrate the DNA match of the defendant to the indecent assault, Baxter had no other option but to plead guilty to what he had done.’

December 2016

DNA allows police to catch child sex monster 15 years on


A 72-year-old man has admitted the kidnap and sexual assault of a young girl more than 15 years ago.

Arnold Baxter appeared at Stafford Crown Court yesterday, having been arrested in September this year. Sentence was adjourned for reports until February 13 and the defendant was remanded in custody.

Baxter, of Bath Street, Rugby, was questioned about the six-year-old girl’s abduction from a street in Barton-under-Needwood in 2001 after being arrested for a drink-drive offence this year.

It is understood his DNA and fingerprints were checked with a national data base relating to unsolved crimes and his DNA matched forensic material recovered from the girl’s clothing.

At the time of the incident, during the early evening of March 12, 2001, the girl was playing outside in Barton-under-Needwood, when she was snatched and driven away in what was said to have been a black Ford Mondeo.

She was found half an hour later, unharmed but shocked, just over the Derbyshire border in the village of Walton-on-Trent by a passing teacher who knew her.

Although the girl suffered no physical injuries, some of her clothing had been removed, and she was said to be upset by the ordeal.

A police hunt for the kidnapper was featured on the BBC Crimewatch programme after the youngster was able to provide some significant details.

At the time a photo-fit was produced showing the man wearing glasses and a woolly hat, with a tuft of hair over the forehead and a Ford Mondeo was seen in the area 15 minutes before the abduction.

Detectives hunting the man described him as a paedophile who used false registration plates on vehicles and took steps to conceal his identity or alter his appearance, with facial hair, glasses and clothing.