February 2018

Convicted paedophile who was caught by online team asking ’13-year-old girl’ if she was ‘up for a gang bang’ is jailed for 20 months

A pervert has been jailed after he asked a ’13-year-old girl’ if she was ‘up for a gang bang’ and arranged to meet her.

Phillip Hobson chatted with ‘Lisa’, a fake profile set up by a member of paedophile hunter group ‘Justice For Kids’, despite being told she was underage.

The 55-year-old asked if she was willing to meet up for a ‘gang bang’, spoke about staying in a bed and breakfast and the girl having sex with up to three men. 

And he asked her to send ‘sexy’ photographs of herself in leggings.

But he was arrested after members of the group confronted him at his home on the day he arranged to meet Lisa at Stoke Train Station.

Now Hobson, who was jailed for similar offences in December 2016, has been locked up for 20 months.

Prosecutor Jonathan Dickinson told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court a member of the Justice For Kids group set up a profile of a 13-year-old girl online and the defendant initiated contact.

Mr Dickinson said: ‘He was told immediately she was just 13 years of age.

He made contact over a number of weeks from December 18. He asked if she was willing to meet up for a gang bang.

‘The defendant planned where they would meet. He spoke about staying in a B&B and the girl having sex with up to three men. 

‘He asked her to bring a friend and asked for a sexy photo of the girl in leggings.’

He arranged to meet Lisa at Stoke Train Station on January 13 but did not turn up. 

But the paedophile hunters found out where he lived and confronted him at his Stoke home. 

The police were called and he was arrested.

Hobson, of Fletcher Road, Stoke, pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming and breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The court was told the defendant was jailed for 13 months for attempting to sexually groom a child and he was made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Judge Paul Glenn told Hobson his previous convictions were a significant aggravating factor.

He said: ‘You were not the slightest bit deterred by that sentence. You were communicating online with someone you believed was a 13-year-old child. You spoke of gang bangs and sex.

‘You did not attend the planned rendezvous on January 13 but you were that day confronted by members of the group and you were subsequently arrested.

You made admissions and said you were currently talking to two or three under 16s.

‘Your risk is assessed as high. You are sexually attracted to children.’

Hobson remains the subject of the five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order and is on the sex offenders’ register.

December 2016

Paedophile hunters catch predator targeting 14-year-old girls online

Predator Phillip Hobson was snared by paedophile hunters who set up fake Facebook profiles for two 14-year-old girls.

The 54-year-old repeatedly sent messages to the girls, asking them to meet up, sleep together and marry him.

And Hobson, formerly of Bentilee, even sent pictures of his genitals to one of the profiles.

He was arrested after the Online Predator Investigation Team reported his behaviour to the police.

Now the defendant, of no fixed address, has been jailed for 13 months after pleading guilty to two counts of grooming and one of breaching sexual offences notification requirements.

Peter Grice, prosecuting, said: “During 2012, an Online Predator Investigation Team was set up using decoy profiles of 14-year-old girls on Facebook.

“In December 2014, this defendant engaged in an online chat with one of the profiles. The chat became sexualised and the defendant asked to meet up.

“He asked if he could be her boyfriend and talked about showering and sleeping together. He went on to ask if she would go on holiday with him, if she would let him kiss her all over and asked her to marry him.

“In 2015, he engaged with a second profile – he requested she would sleep with him, kiss him all over and marry him. He sent numerous request for her to meet up with him in his lorry. He also sent her images of his genitals on six occasions.”

Defending Hobson, Michelle Brown, said: “The unusual feature of this case is there was no child at the other end of this.

“He told no lies about his own age and at no point did he try to claim he was the same age as the two girls. The age range targeted, while below the legal threshold, is not at the extreme end of the spectrum.

“Mr Hobson accepted he had been aroused by the chat and liked the interest from the girls. But he is not an offender who, even in police interview, said he was not attracted to the girls and got no sexual gratification from this.”

Recorder Stephen Thomas sentenced Hobson to 13 months in prison and made him the subject of a five-year sexual harm prevention order.

He told the defendant: “There were communications you had, ostensibly with females aged 14 to 15 that did not exist, but were set up online to bring out people such as yourself.

“The first profile, you contacted her not knowing she wasn’t a real person. The communication turned to a sexual nature, with you proposing to meet up.

“You believed that young girl was real and you did it again with a fake profile. Once again there were common features – requests to meet up, sleep with her and marry her. But on one occasion you went further and sent images.

“This makes it a more serious matter than the first. You said in interview you would never have carried it through but that remains untested.”

Hobson will be on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.