December 2016

Beast sentenced for sex offences including rape of underage girl


A TEENAGER has admitted raping an underage girl in a park and having sex with another girl, also underage, after grooming her.

Luke Brecknell, aged 19, of no fixed abode admitted four ‘serious’ sexual offences in Droitwich when he appeared before his honour judge Nicholas Cole at Worcester Crown Court on Thursday.

He admitted rape and sexual activity with a girl of 15 in October last year.

He further admitted sexual activity with another girl of 14 and meeting her following sexual grooming in July of this year.

The complainant in the rape contracted a sexually transmitted infection (chlamydia).

However, the judge said it was not possible to establish to a certainty that the defendant had infected her but described it as ‘an irresistable inference’.

The vulnerability of both victims was also considered an aggravating factor

In July this year Brecknell engaged in sexual activity with a girl of 14 when he was on bail for sexual offences against the first complainant.

Daniel White, prosecuting, said the first complainant was still at school at the time of the rape and the defendant knew that.

He said: “The defendant said (in a text message), ‘you might as well call me a rapist – I feel like I raped you. You said ‘no’ and I carried on’.”

Abigail Nixon, defending, said: “It’s a brave step, in my respectful submission, for an 18-year-old to accept at the first opportunity before a court that he is guilty of rape.”

She referred to his emotional immaturity and his difficult childhood ‘with no real male role model’ while he was growing up.

Miss Nixon said he had ADHD, had been diagnosed with dyslexia, had experienced a lonely childhood and had himself self-harmed.

She also mentioned his young age (he was 17 at the time of the rape) and that the disparity between his age and that of the complainants was relatively small.

The judge in his sentencing made reference to victim personal statements.

The judge said of the second complainant: “She described feeling violated and that this had taken away her innocence.”

Judge Cole took as mitigation the defendant’s emotional immaturity and his youth.

“I take into account the difficulties you have had in your early life but none of that excuses these serious sexual offences” he said.

Credit was given for the defendant’s early guilty pleas. Brecknell, like one of the complainants, had also self-harmed.

On the first indictment the judge sentenced Brecknell to 40 months for the rape, reducing the sentence by one third to reflect his guilty plea and sentenced him to 12 months concurrent for sexual activity with the same victim.

For the sexual offices against the other complainant (the second indictment) he sentenced him to 32 months which will be served consecutively to the previous prison sentence taking the total to 72 months.

The judge also made a sexual harm prevention order which prevents Brecknell having contact with any female under the age of 16 save that which is inevitable in the course of daily life.

He must also sign the sex offender’s register and is restricted from working with children.