December 2016

Pervert jailed for sexual abuse of young girl


A teen who abused a young girl after pretending to be a zombie and a murderer has been jailed, and his career as a soldier “ruined”.

Dean Whittaker, 19, of West Lutton near Malton, had been sentenced of seven charges of sexual assault, inciting a child to commit a sexual act and causing a child to engage in sexual activity and was sentenced yesterday at York Crown Court.

He would have been sentenced sooner had he not injured his hand by punching a wall in frustration as he was taken to the court cells following his convictions.

He also played “schools” with her, where he had the role of headteacher and she was a pupil and had to come to him in a private room.

The child, to whom he is not related, told the jury he bribed her with promises of computer game software for her mobile phone to take part in the sexual activities, and told her not to tell anyone because he would go to prison if she did.

The offences took place between August 2013 and February 2015.

The girl kept silent until February 2015, when she told her grandmother.

“You took advantage of the opportunities you engineered. There was grooming in this case by developing games that allowed you one to one access with her in privacy.”

He added: “I appreciate your career will no longer be available to you.”

Judge Stubbs also said that the girl has suffered from nightmares as a result of the incidents.

He sentenced Whittaker to three years in a young offenders’ institution. He imposed a sexual harm prevention order, which prohibits Whittaker from contacting the victim, and has a number of other conditions.