November 2016

Man found with images of naked children despite serving three-years in jail for similar offence

A 62-year-old Gloucester man who served a three-year jail term for distributing child sexual abuse images has avoided jail for a similar offence.

Andrew Aylmer of Pine Way, Abbeydale, pleaded guilty at Gloucester Crown Court to making almost 600 indecent images of children in July, 2014, and distributing images via Skype between the same dates.

The court heard yesterday that on July 18, 2014 police officers visited Aylmer as part of a monitoring process implemented after his first conviction.

One officer asked to examine the computer that was located on the first floor of Aylmer’s home and found images of naked children.

The computer was seized and examined and officers found 100 images of the worst category A, 70 at category B and 410 category C.

Also discovered were Skype conversations between the defendant and another person showing that Aylmer had shared images with the recipient and the recipient made the remark “I wish I could see something like that for real.”

It was also discovered that Aylmer had deleted his internet history which was not only a breach of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order but also made it difficult to determine the exact origin of the images, the court was told.

It was later identified that the images came from a memory stick plugged into the computer. However the memory stick had never been found. A further search of Mr Aylmer’s home was carried out and he was interviewed but exercised his right to say “no comment.”

Judge Michael Cullum told Aylmer he had one very serious previous conviction in 2011 for a large number of offences relating to the making and distributing of indecent images of children and that he was not long off his licence period before the police found he had been reoffending.

The judge said he was disturbed at what he had read and the words used to like-minded individuals suggested he wanted to physically abuse the children and that this with the images that showed serious abuse to children were of “significant concern.”

“I don’t accept it was idle talk or banter with like-minded individuals. I don’t accept you cannot remember where the memory stick is,” said the judge.

“For your own sexual gratification you have once more watching children be abused and raped. The children you have watched will never have their life mended. You have watched it and you have enjoyed it” he said.

Judge Cullum sentenced Aylmer to 15 months jail suspended for two years as well as a 30 day programme requirement and 24 months supervision. He warned Aylmer he would be subject to rigorous checking.