November 2016

Sutton man found guilty of raping and exploiting ‘vulnerable’ girl


A 32-year-old man has been found guilty of raping and exploiting a “vulnerable” girl for use in child sexual abuse images

Jason Vasan, from Sutton, lured schoolgirls to perform on adult web-cam websites by promising them money in return, Croydon Crown Court heard.

He was today convicted of rape, causing child pornography, taking indecent images of a child and possession of extreme pornography, having already pleaded guilty to supplying cannabis.

The Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse (SOECA) began investigating Vasan in July 2015 following a tip-off about his work.

They spoke to a girl who had met Vasan while she was living in a hostel. She said he supplied her with drugs and forced her to take sexually explicit images and videos which were posted online.

It also emerged he raped her at her home address.

Detectives trawled through laptops, phones and documents seized from Vasan’s house and found messages which supported the girl’s account.

They also found thousands of sexually explicit videos and images, including many of the girl in question.

Financial enquiries showed that Vasan was receiving payments from the website, taking a cut for himself and then paying various women – including the victim.

It meant he had full financial control over his victim, deciding when and how much money she was paid.

Vasan will be sentenced on 31 January 2017.