November 2016

15-year jail term for Goldenhill paedophile who ‘preyed on young victims’


Paedophile Michael Shallcross has been jailed for a catalogue of sex offences – after abusing children for more than 25 years.

The 61-year-old was convicted of seven counts of sexually assaulting a child and two charges of indecent assault following a trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court last April.

And five months later the defendant was back in the dock to be convicted of 10 further child-sex offences, including four counts of assault by penetration.

Now Shallcross, of Taylor Street, Goldenhill, has been jailed for 15 years and placed on an extended licence for a further five years for the offences.

Prosecutor Simon Blakebrough said: “The ages of the children at the time the offences were committed range from six to 15 years old and the offences span a period from 1987 until 2014.”

In a series of text messages with one girl Shallcross told her he loved her and sent three kisses – she replied the same and later told him he was dumped because he was married.

Mr Blakebrough said: “This suggests she believed they were in some sort of relationship and indicates a significant level of grooming.”

In another incident Shallcross warned a different victim not to tell anyone what had happened.

Mr Blakebrough said: “He said that if she told anyone she would get into trouble.”

The court heard Shallcross committed several of the crimes when he was on bail for offences related to the first trial. Many of his victims suffered nightmares and one of them has counselling.

One victim said: “I know he will never hurt me again but then I see things which remind me of it and it upsets me. Sometimes I just want to forget my thoughts. He should not have hurt me.”

The court heard Shallcross accepted he would be jailed.

Judge David Fletcher described the case as ‘tragic’.

He told Shallcross: “You seem to think there is some sort of conspiracy against you to get you into trouble – a conspiracy which involves enlisting the support of little girls. That is just as outrageous as it might sound.

“You have persistently maintained that you have no sexual attraction to children. This has had a serious impact on your victims and their families and you have so far shown no remorse.

“You have focused solely, selfishly, on the effect the conviction was going to have on you. In short, your actions, over that period of time, have wreaked havoc in those households and continue to have an impact on your victims.”