October 2016

Cwmbran man with ‘largest collection of child sex images in Gwent’ avoids jail

A CWMBRAN man found to have in his possession the “largest collection” of child sex images in Gwent has been handed a suspended sentence.

Paul Davies, 64, of Cardigan Close, Croesyceiliog, was found with thousands of indecent images and videos on his computer after a search was carried out by Gwent Police on September 22.

Davies was remanded in custody following the search and pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent photos of children and one count of possessing extreme pornography at Newport Magistrates’ Court on September 24.

Davies also had 6,144 images deemed category A, 6,080 category B and 112, 486 category C videos as well as 140,000 assorted images and videos of extreme pornography.

Peter Dennison, prosecuting, said Davies had told officers that “there were a few naughties” on his hard-drive.

He added: “The amount of indecent images found was the largest number that have been recovered by officers in Gwent.”

Ieuan Bennett, defending, said that Davies was “beyond remorseful” for his actions which and that he was “devastated” when his family found out.

“Having a wife, grown children and grandchildren of his own, he understands what he’s done and is beyond remorseful,” said Mr Bennett.

“The sheer volume of the images show that it had become something of a habit.

“He was looking forward to a happy retirement but he knows that he has lost it all.”

Judge Jeremy Jenkins passed a sentence of 10 months imprisonment suspended for two years as well as imposing a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years which prevents Davies from deliberately communicating or living with female children under the age of 16

Judge Jenkins said that he had read testimonies from family members which showed that Davies’ actions were “totally uncharacteristic”

He said: “These images show young, real children being horribly sexually abused by evil individuals and people like you are downloading these images and are simply making their industry bigger.

“More and more children are being abused for sexual pleasure and you should reflect on that long and hard.”

Davies was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £340, a victim surcharge of £140 and is required to complete 25 days of rehabilitation.