December 2016

Irvine pervert placed on sex register


An Irvine man who set up a camera to spy on two schoolgirls undressing has been placed on a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO).

Frank Collins, 46, of Drumelzier Court, admitted carrying out the offence at a Prestwick house in June 2015 at an earlier hearing.

This week, Sheriff Mhairi Mactaggart also placed Collins on the sexual offenders register at Ayr Sheriff Court after details about his background emerged.

The sheriff said she had concerns about Collins’ refusal to accept culpability, which was revealed in the social work report.

She also slammed his attitude towards the offences and the girls, who were aged 14 and 15 at the time, and described the crimes as “extremely serious offences.”

As she prepared to sentence him she said: “It leaves me with grave concerns about you Mr Collins.”

His defence solicitor told the court Collins and his partner had been trying for a baby for seven years but were unsuccessful – leading to relationship problems.

He said: “He described himself as being in a dark place around this time.”

Collins was placed under supervision for three years, on a SOPO for five years and added to the sex offenders register for three.

October 2016

Irvine man admits persuading girls, 15, into taking part in perverted photoshoot in Ayr

AN Irvine man has admitted enticing underage girls into a bogus modelling shoot.

Vile Frank Collins, of Drumelzier Court, lured two 15-year-old girls to a flat rented under a false name in Ayr in June 2015.

At Ayr Sheriff Court last week, the 46-year-old admitted setting up a Facebook page offering work to the girls to do a modelling shoot.

Thereafter, Collins got the girls to dress up for sexually suggestive photo-shoots and offered to pay the teens £50 for taking part.

But the money never arrived and police were contacted.

He pleaded guilty to the charges at court last week and is due to return to the dock in November.

Collins was placed on the Sex Offender’s Register.