October 2016

‘I feel robbed of my childhood. He took away my dignity and self-respect,’ says victim of child abuser


A pensioner from Bedford who groomed and sexually abused a young boy over the course of six years has been jailed.

Bruce Davison, 77, of Oak Gardens, was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting two counts of indecent assault dating from the 1970s.

Luton Crown Court heard how he had targeted a vulnerable child, grooming him between the ages of seven and 13, and sexually abusing him.

In a statement read to the court, Davison’s victim described how the abuse had ruined his life.

“I thought [it] was the norm, I didn’t know any better… I trusted him. I thought he was my friend, but he abused my trust by taking advantage of me, my young age, my vulnerability, and [he] took my innocence.

“I feel robbed of my childhood and robbed by Davison. He took away my dignity and self-respect as a child and even as a teenager, because his abuse of me spanned so many years.”


Police praised Davison’s victim for having the strength and courage to come forward.

“I hope this sentence allows him to move forward with his life. “The sentencing for non-recent cases of abuse such as this shows that it does not matter how long ago abuse took place, if you do come forward then you will be treated fairly, you will be believed, and justice can be done.”


Davison received two six year sentences which will be served concurrently.