October 2016

‘Anything with a skirt’, including schoolgirls, ‘hunted’ and filmed in upskirt videos by pervert

A TORQUAY man with a sexual fetish for filming females of all ages found ‘hunting his victims’ in Torquay town centre targeted ‘anything with a skirt’, a court has heard.

Jason Neill was caught red-handed taking upskirt videos of females when a member of the public saw him acting in an unusual way in Union Street, following a woman, and holding his rucksack ‘as if he is walking a dog on an invisible lead’.

Having been arrested by police, he said: “You’ve caught me red-handed. How long will I get for this?”

In his police interview he admitted that he got sexual gratification from filming women and said he would target anything with a skirt.

As well as searching for ‘candid upskirt school pics’ on the internet, Neill made his own videos by secretly recording women around Torquay, and some of the victims were schoolgirls.

Neill, 32, of Palantine Close, Torquay, a Neill admitted possessing 4,913 indecent images and making 7,170 indecent images, as well as one act of outraging public decency and one possessed an extreme pornographic image, which was grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character, when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court on Thursday.

Prosecuting, Felicity Payne, said: “The offence of outraging public decency relates to how he was discovered. On August 4, 2015, a member of the public sees the defendant walking down Union Street in Torquay and he is holding his rucksack in a very unusual way. He describes it as if he is walking a dog on an invisible lead.

“It seems as if he is trying to take upskirt videos and pictures of women in the street and he has his mobile phone in a pocket in the front of his backpack.”

Neill is spotted following a woman down the street and only stops following her when she enters a shop, but he is seen hanging around outside the shop.

Miss Payne added: “He is described as hanging around and hunting for his next victim.”

The member of the public managed to track down a passing police officer, and Neill is arrested at the scene with a video running on his phone showing upskirt shots of a woman

When he arrested, he said: “You’ve caught me red-handed. How long will I get for this?”

Neill’s home is then searched and a number of indecent images are found on his device, including a number that he has taken himself.

Two of the videos show two teenage girls wearing short skirts as part of their school uniform.

Miss Payne added: “His internet history is searched and very clear search terms, including candid upskirt schoolgirl pics, are found.

“In his police interview, he admitted that he got some sexual gratification from these images and that he has a fetish for filming women.

“He told himself that what he was doing was no different to seeing someone wearing a bikini on a beach.

“He said that he would target anything with a skirt.

“He had tried to hide some of the images as they had been downloaded and deleted, and there were very clear search terms that he had been using.”

Mitigating, Emmi Wilson, said that Neill had no previous convictions and that he needs to get himself sorted out for his problems.

Sentencing Neill, Judge Graham Cottle said: “You were taking pictures of young girls up their skirts and all sorts of sordid material that you had downloaded was found at your house.

“I am giving you a chance today but if you do not participate in any part of your sentence then you will come back here and you will go down. You have a number of problems but we must try and find a way to try and stop you reoffending.

“If you fail though, then you will be brought back to court and I will send you away and then you will take your chance in prison which won’t be a happy experience.”

Neill was given a three year community order, and was ordered to take part in the Thames Valley Sexual Offenders treatment, as well as a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

A Sexual Harm Prevention Order against Neill was put in place for the next five years.