October 2016

Pervert (36) fantasised about raping children

A Derby pervert had more than 500 indecent images of children on his computer and shared sick web chats saying how he “wanted to rape children”, a court was told.

Daniel Thomas lived a “sad and solitary life” which caused him to “fall prey to the darker reaches of the internet” by searching for the images, Derby Crown Court was told.

Raglan Ashton, prosecuting, read out some of the web chat exchanges the 36-year-old had with another internet user. In them he was asked “have you raped a boy?” to which he replied “no, but I might do”.

And, when asked how young his potential victim would be, Thomas wrote back saying “the younger the better”.

Mr Ashton said officers discovered a total of 544 indecent images of children when they swooped on Thomas’s home in Parker Street, Derby, 138 of which were the most serious category A.

And he said a further 98 “extreme” pornographic pictured were also found which featured adult men and women having sex with animals.

Mr Ashton said: “Analysis showed he had used search terms such as ‘boy sex with animal’ and ‘boy and girl sex’.

“The children in the images ranged from 10 to early teens but the reason why the defendant came to the attention of the authorities was chat logs he had been engaged in.

“They contained graphic and very explicit talk which the Crown say were pretty disturbing.

“He was talking on incessantly about fantasies that revealed a disturbing background and insight into this man.”

Mr Ashton said Thomas was arrested and, when he was asked in his interview by detectives about the web chat in which he talked about raping children, he said it was “a wind up’.”

Thomas pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing indecent images and one of possessing extreme pornography.

Nothing was mentioned about any prosecutions on the second man with whom Thomas was engaging in the web chats.

Samina Rashid, for Thomas, said: “He does not make excuses for his behaviour but he has had a very difficult year during this period.

“He lost a very close friend he had known since childhood and watched him deteriorate through illness which made him very depressed himself.”

Handing Thomas a three-year community order, Judge Peter Cooke said: “I do not say this as an insult but you appear to be someone that leads a sad and solitary life and you have fallen prey to the darker reaches of the internet.

“This is two men perverted by the material they have viewed indulging each other in an orgy of fantasy they were not going to re-enact.”

As well as the community order, which will see him take part in regular community sex offender group work to address his offending, Thomas was handed a five-year sexual harm prevention order and has had to sign the sex offenders register.