August 2018

Pervert breaches supervision order


A paedophile has avoided jail despite breaching his supervision order by downloading photo-sharing apps.

Douglas Thomson was placed on the sex offenders register for three years in October 2016 after being caught with more than 200 child abuse images.

He had openly bragged about having the images at a gay rights conference in Glasgow.

Halfway through his supervision order, social workers raised concerns after the 22-year-old downloaded Snapchat and other apps on his phone.

He then attempted to conceal his actions by deleting the apps.

Solicitor Anika Jethwa admitted her client’s actions were “disppointing” but pleaded with Sheriff Carmichael to give Thomson another chance.

She said: “He was arrested last Friday and spent a weekend in the cells.

“He was terrified by this experience and will fully comply with any further order to make sure he doesn’t end up in custody.

“He knows that this time there would be no excuses.

“He did download apps but did not commit any actual offences online.

“The concern was raised because there was worry that things could escalate after he downloaded the apps.

“He appreciates the seriousness of the matter and has the support of his family who are trying to help him.”

Ms Jethwa added that Thomson had completed 200 hours of unpaid work without issues.

He had previously admitted having 271 indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children, between December 12 2013 and September 4 2014, at his home address in Drumlithie Place.

Sheriff Carmichael said: “This breach makes me think you were just paying lip service to the supervision order.

“The chances of ending up in custody were very high but I will allow the supervision order to continue.

“Be under no illusion as to how serious your situation is.”

Sheriff Carmichael fixed a further review of the order on August 24 and ordered Thomson to do 80 additional hours of unpaid work.

October 2016

Paedophile caught with sick stash of child abuse images

A paedophile whose sick stash of child sexual abuse images was found after he bragged about his horde to a fellow visitor to a gay rights conference has avoided a jail term.

Douglas Thomson told another person at an LGBT conference in Glasgow that he had “stuff he wouldn’t want others to see” on his computer at home when they asked to borrow his laptop.

His acquaintance then found search terms on the laptop so disturbing that they called police.

Cops then raided his home in Dundee and uncovered his sick haul.

Fiscal depute Saima Paedophile caught with sick stash of child abuse images after bragging about disgusting images at gay rights conference Rasheed told Dundee Sheriff Court: “The accused was at the European LGBT conference in Glasgow when a witness asked to borrow his laptop. He said yes.

“He added that he kept his porn on his other laptop and said it was stuff he wouldn’t want others to see.

“The witness saw searches in his history that were concerning, such as ‘man f*****g son porn’.

“The matter was reported to police on August 8 last year.

“His home was searched on September 4 and his laptops were seized.

“It was forensically examined and it was confirmed indecent images were present.

“A total of 271 indecent images were found on his second laptop.

“His phone was also searched and showed search terms suggesting he had searched for child abuse images.”

Thomson, 21, of Drumlithie Place, Dundee, pleaded guilty on indictment to downloading indecent images of children between December 12 2013 and September 4 2014.

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael imposed a community payback order with 200 hours unpaid work, three years supervision and conduct requirements around his internet usage and contact with children.

He was also placed on the sex offenders register for three years.