October 2016

Child abuser extradited back to Devon from Canada is jailed



He was jailed for 12 years by Recorder Richard Smith QC, at Truro Crown Court, who told him his offences had a serious long term effect on his victims.

Billing was working as a printer in Lapford and living in the Burnthouse Lane and Farm Hill areas of Exeter between 1993 and 2003 when he abused the children.

The victims found the courage to disclose the traumatic memories in 2008 and 2009.

The first allegation came from a boy who told his mother how Billing had abused him while babysitting.

The three girls were then traced and told police how they had been forced to take part in a variety of sexual acts.

Sean Brunton, prosecuting, handed in impact statements from three of the four victims.

One said: “For a few moments of sexual gratification Billing irreversibly damaged my life. His selfish actions took my childhood. He turned me from a bubbly, happy child to one who knew and felt nothing but constant fear.”

Billing claimed they had got together on Facebook to invent their stories.

He told the jury: “It is all completely untrue. It sickens me to my stomach thinking about it.

“I believe it is all fabricated. I am the scapegoat. They are all grown up now and are all on Facebook together. They have fabricated their stories.

“I did not know what they had planned. I was living a happy life in Canada with my wife. I used to work in schools and with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.”