October 2016

Paedophile claims he hid internet usage to ‘download blockbuster films’

A COMPUTER expert is to be called in to verify whether a convicted paedophile accessed illegal images using covert software online.

A district judge has ordered the expert analysis after defendant Endaff Aled Evans of Cynwyl Elfed claimed he had used a website to hide his internet IP address to download blockbuster films — but not any illegal images.

Evans, 45, pleaded guilty at Llanelli magistrates court yesterday to using an internet search engine that hides an IP address. This makes it difficult to track online activity.

By using the search engine, Evans was in breach of a sexual harm prevention order which was imposed by Swansea Crown Court last year.

District judge David Parsons said custody was an option if it turned out he had not used the software for the reason he stated.

Evans was spared a prison sentence in September last year and instead given a three year supervision order.

He also had to register as a sex offender five years.

Police executed a warrant at Evans’s home on December 6, 2014 after receiving information that he may have had indecent images of children on his computer. When police arrived at the house he told them: “I have got some on my computer but I have never touched any children.”

Of the 1,250 indecent images found on Evans’s seized computer, 15 were judged to be category A, the most serious category.

A further 53 were deemed to be category B with 1,182 classed as category C images.

The images had been collected over a period of 14 months and the children were of a wide age range

At Llanelli magistrates court yesterday, prosecutor Vaughan Pritchard Jones said police visited Evans’s home on August 30 this year to carry out a routine check of his internet browsing as part of the sexual harm prevention order.

Mr Vaughan said: “Under the order he is not allowed to hide the history of his internet usage.”

“Police attended to see his computers and other items that could connect to the internet.”

“One device showed a website had been accessed which could then be used to hide usage so you don’t know which websites have been visited.”

Mr Vaughan said some pornographic websites had been visited but “the defendant denied accessing any illegal material.”

Judge Parsons asked why the covert search engine had been used by Evans in the first place.

Mr Vaughan said he did not have an answer during police interview.

Defence solicitor Mike Reed said: “He used the search engine once or twice a month to download new films that come out and circumvents’ copyright and government restrictions.

“He downloads blockbusters without having to pay for them.”

Judge Parsons said he was sending the matter to Swansea Crown Court for sentencing due to the sexual prevention harm breach occurring so soon into the order.

He “A computer expert should also examine this to check the credibility (of the defendant) or whether he was deliberately accessing the type of pornography he was previously. If it is deliberate, he is likely to go to prison.”

Evans will next appear at Swansea Crown Court on Friday November 4 where he will be sentenced.