Update: Davies died in prison

October 2016

Pensioner jailed for 8 years for sexually abusing young child

A PENSIONER has been jailed for eight years for sexually abusing a child.

Alan Davies, aged 75, of Stockton Road, Newport, was sentenced at Newport Crown Court after being found guilty after trial of nine counts of indecent assault and one count of indecency with a child.

He denied all allegations.

The court heard the victim was a girl under 13 when the abuse took place which was over a period of four years in the 1970s to 80s.

Marian Lewis, defending, said Davies, who entered the dock using a mobility walker, was in a ‘poor state of health’ and asked that the sentences be concurrent and as short as possible.

Judge Daniel Williams sentenced Davies to a total of eight years for the ‘terrible abuse.’

He said Davies was not entitled to any credit for any admission of guilt as he did not plead guilty.

He said the court was limited in its sentencing powers as the maximum sentence at the time the father-of-five committed the offences was five years for indecent assault and two years for an act of gross indecency with a child.

Judge Williams added: “But this court must have regard to the totality of your offending and the totally ruinous affect you have had upon the (victim).

“Had you been dealt with such offences committed more recently; this court would sentence you for multiple offences of rape and assault by penetration.”

He added: “She was as young as (under 13) and the affect upon her has been ruinous.”

He said only an immediate sentence of imprisonment could be justified for such ‘serious’ offending.

He added: “You will serve, if you live to such an age two thirds of your sentence passed upon you.”