Update: McKay is now dead 

October 2016

Care worker used part in play to film child actors as they changed between scenes


Care worker Lawrence McKay used his part as in a play to take secret videos of child actors as they changed costumes between scenes, a court heard today.

Pervert McKay, 53, had a camera disguised as a pen and he took four films of young girls as they stripped down to their underwear in the changing area.

McKay, of Linden Road, Gloucester, pleaded guilty to one charge of voyeurism in July 2013 and four of making indecent images of children in 2014.

He was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for two years, and ordered to undergo 30 days of rehabilitation activities.

Judge Michael Cullum also placed him on the sex offender register for ten years and made a sexual harm prevention order for the same period banning him from making contact with anyone under 18.

Prosecutor Nick O’Brien said the case included children.

“The performances took place where there were not really any proper changing facilities.

“Rows of costumes were strategically placed to try to give some privacy but in fact it was not possible to provide complete privacy for anybody.

“The defendant had a video camera which he chose to put down on a possible spot and left it recording but in many other instances he actually aimed it at a child.”

One, of a girl, was of her while she changed into a dress.

The other three videos were all of the same girl. In one she was sitting under a rack of clothes wearing only a vest and underwear. In another she was changing into a dress which was unfastened.

The third video showed her sitting on the floor with one leg raised trying to put some tights on.

Passing sentence Judge Cullum told him: “This was abhorrent activity. You have caused enormous upset to the parents of those children.”

He said it would be better for society if McKay underwent treatment to steer him away from such sexual interests rather than serve a short jail term and come out the same.