October 2016

Paedophile ‘fantasised’ about little girls he secretly took pictures of


A paedophile had “sexual fantasies” about more than 8,000 children he photographed, while also amassing one of the worst collections of child abuse Hull’s most senior judge has seen.

Martin Taylor, 52, took 8,272 pictures of unsuspecting children in the Driffield area, which police found when they raided his home in Auchinleck Close.

Most were of girls under 13 and were taken on a range of devices.

But none of the photographs were indecent and he could not be prosecuted for them.

Asked why he had them, Taylor told police: “Because I like them.”

Taylor was also in possession of more than 14,000 “revolting” images and films of child abuse, including “sexual torture”.

He admitted six counts of possessing and making indecent images and was due to be sentenced last week.

But Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, Recorder of Hull and East Riding, was so affected by the material he delayed sentencing until Tuesday, when he jailed Taylor for two-and-a-half years at Hull Crown Court.

The judge told Taylor: “It is important to state at once that those images of local children were not in any way pornographic or unlawful.

“However, you had those images. I have every reason to suspect you had sexual fantasies about those children due to your obsession with extreme child pornography.”

Most of the images Taylor was jailed for were of white European girls aged under 13, but also included “very young” children.

The judge told Taylor: “The images you had involved, inter alia, the sexual torture of children.

“You had those images and collected them, I am told, over several years, for the purposes of your own perverted sexual gratification.

“This defies the understanding of all right-minded individuals. You fall to be punished for this.”

The judge said it was not in the public interest to detail the horrific nature of some of the worst images, but there was “discernable distress” in the victims.

He said the Category A images, the most serious, featured “young children, and appalling sexual acts were being visited upon the children in the most extreme and violent fashion”

He also told Taylor: “The level of suffering was extreme, the sexual debauchery was grotesque, and you had these unimaginably vile images in your possession to satisfy your depravity.”

The judge said he was particularly concerned about a caption accompanying one of the images.

He said: “The Category B and C images were all equally appalling in their respective categorisation.

“There are captions adjacent to some of the images; I shall recite part of one.

“It reads: ‘This is the way a little girl should be treated’.

“It then goes on to describe in words what was depicted in the image.

“The public interest would not be served by me reciting the remainder.

“I fairly confess I was deeply shocked to read what these images contained.”

After hearing evidence from a detective who viewed the material and prepared the summary of it, Judge Richardson told him: “I don’t know how long officers in Humberside Police spend in the unit you are now involved in.”

“I’ve been in 12 years,” the officer replied.

The judge said: “Well, thank you for all that you do. It’s very important.

“It’s a lamentable task that you have to perform.”

Taylor was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order of indefinite duration and must sign the sex offenders register for life.

October 2016

Paedophile took 8,272 pictures of children in streets


A paedophile took more than 8,000 photographs of unsuspecting children on the street.

The photographs taken by Martin Taylor were discovered by police, who also took away his computer and found a further 14,000 “revolting” images of child abuse – including “sexual torture”.

It has been described as one of the worst cases of its kind that Hull’s most senior judge has seen. But Taylor, 51, cannot be prosecuted for the photographs he took of the children in the street because none of them are classed as indecent.

The judge was so affected by descriptions of the images, he delayed sentencing Taylor until next week and locked him up.

Asked why he had them, Taylor told police: “Because I like them,” Hull Crown Court heard.

When Humberside Police – acting on intelligence from another force – raided Taylor’s home in Driffield, they found he had been taking pictures of local children.

Explaining this as one of the aggravating features of the case to Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, prosecutor Phillip Evans said police found a folder “which contained 8,272 other photographs”.

He said: “These were photographs the defendant had taken in and around his neighbourhood, and in and around Driffield where he lives.”

“But there are children, are there?” asked the judge.

“There are children,” Mr Evans said. “None of them are indecent so there is no legislation under which in that aspect of the case he could be prosecuted.”

The judge then began reading a summary of some of the images prepared by a police officer.

“It is a mercy I don’t have to look at these images,” he said.

The barrister said there were no victim impact statements, but said: “I wonder if I might make this point, your honour.”

“It is the depressing work of this and other Crown courts to hear the evidence of men and women in their late 40s and 50s telling of how the abuse experienced in childhood has led to their ruin of their lives.

“Your honour has seen the kind of material this defendant had in his possession.

“Whoever these children may be, and wherever in the world they may be, there may come a time to reflect that not only were they sexually violated by people who ought to have cherished and protected them, but also their sexual torture was captured on photographs and DVD, and will, for as long as the internet is available, be on the world wide web.”

“Once it’s there, however much people try to remove it, it’s always there,” said the judge.

“They must live with that fact,” Mr Evans said.

Judge Richardson said: “I’m not going to pass sentence today.I fairly confess, reading this material – it’s some of the worst I have read – it has so affected me I don’t consider it would be right for me to pass sentence today.

“I want to think very carefully about this.”

Paul Norton, for Taylor, said there was a “particularly full and insightful” pre-sentence report which might assist the judge.

Mr Norton said Taylor had wanted to move to a “remote location”, but had been declined car and home insurance after informing insurers of his crimes, so will be “staying put”.

Taylor of Auchinleck Close, Driffield, admitted six counts of possessing and making indecent images at an earlier hearing. He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on Tuesday.