October 2016

‘Predatory paedophile’ who attempted to groom 10-year-old is jailed for 6 years


A convicted sex offender who befriended a Swansea family was caught attempting to groom a ten-year-old girl by her vigilant mother, who discovered notes he had written asking her daughter for ‘hugs and kisses’.

Craig Kevin Haymond had met his victim’s family through a mutual friend who was looking for someone to carry out some DIY jobs on their house.

The relationship developed and the 32-year-old had even been invited to spend occasional nights at the family home, but the mother became suspicious after observing Haymond last December sitting ‘closely’ on the sofa with the youngster, apparently playing hangman on a notepad.

Prosecuting, Dyfed Thomas told Swansea Crown Court the pair had been swapping the book back and forth between them, and when the mother asked to see the notepad, Haymond tore pages out of the book.

He added: “She became concerned about inappropriate behaviour and asked the defendant to leave.

“There was a protracted process with the defendant making every effort to stay, before eventually leaving an hour-and-a-half after the first request had been made”.

She eventually recovered the pages Haymond had torn out of the pad later that night, in which ‘talk of kissing and hugging clearly concerned her’.

The court was told Haymond had a previous relevant sexual conviction involving an underage victim for which he had received a four year custodial sentence at Cardiff Crown Court in 2012, but Haymond had told the mother ‘he had been duped, and he had not been convicted and she believed him’.

Amongst the conditions of his licence after release from prison was one that he was not to stay in a house with young children.

Mr Thomas said the young girl was interviewed and ‘she described playing hangman, and said as it went on she thought it was a bit inappropriate, and thought he was messing around’ but that ‘nothing had happened before’.

But he added Haymond had given her presents including an ipod and money, and had physical contact with her previously when he had tickled her feet.

Social Services had subsequently carried out a review, and were satisfied and closed the case.

Mitigating, Jon Tarrant said there appeared to be ‘acceptance of his position’, and added: “There are some very dark issues he has to trouble himself with over the coming period”.

Haymond, whose address was given as Parc Prison in Bridgend, had pleaded guilty to inciting a child under the age of 13 to behave in a sexual activity.

Sentencing, Paul Thomas QC said: “You were released on licence and befriended a woman and her ten-year-old daughter. You deceived the mother saying you were a wrongly convicted individual.

“You did not tell her you were on licence with specific conditions including not to stay overnight in a house with children under the age of ten…You cynically exploited that to groom her.

“The notes were clearly preparatory and the fact the mother was astute to know something was going on and notified the appropriate authorities…if she had not be so vigilant I have no doubt you would have engineered a sexual relationship.

“I agree with the assessment of the pre-sentence report. You are clearly, without a doubt, a predatory paedophile who has not been treated. You are undoubtedly manipulative and devious. There is in my view serious significant risk to children being committed in future”.

Haymond was given a six year custodial sentence, with an extended four year subsequent licence, and made subject of a restraining order, as well as being told he would be on the sexual offenders register for life.

Judge Thomas added: “It seems to me the conduct of the mother was impeccable. There is no question she acted entirely correctly”.