September 2016

Sex offender jailed for failing to do his treatment

A convicted sex offender has been jailed for failing to do his treatment course properly.

Michael Evans, aged 21, has been locked up for 18 months for failing to comply with his suspended prison sentence.

Plymouth Crown Court heard that Evans was given a two-year suspended prison sentence in June last year. He was punished for sexual grooming offences at Chichester Crown Court.

Evans was ordered to do unpaid work and the Thames Valley treatment course for sex offenders.

He has since moved from Sussex to Fleet Street in Keyham.

Jo Martin, for the probation service, said that he had completed his unpaid work but failed to engage with the treatment programme.

She added: “There appears to be a general failure to the most important part of his order, to try and address his offending behaviour.”

Evans had admitted breaching the terms of his suspended prison sentence – the second breach of the order.

Judge Darlow had deferred dealing with the breach from August to test his compliance with the order.

Michael Brown, for Evans, said he was 21 and had stable accommodation.

Judge Paul Darlow told Evans: “You have fallen a long way short of complying with the programme which is the basis of your treatment.”

He activated 18 months of the suspended sentence.