September 2016

Child rapist jailed for seven years – decades after abusing girl

CHILD rapist Mark Davies has been jailed for seven years after repeatedly abusing his victim.

The 39-year-old sexually assaulted and raped the girl when he was a teenager.

The victim reported the abuse years later when she was an adult.

She has received counselling after suffering from depression, nightmares and flashbacks.

Prosecutor Guy Mathieson told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court the catalogue of abuse happened after the defendant got the girl on her own.

Mr Mathieson said: “He used to get her to touch him and he would touch her.”

The defendant made his victim perform a sex act on him and he went on to rape her.

Mr Mathieson said the victim reported the abuse years later to allow her to ‘move on’ and ‘regain herself as a person’.

Davies, of no fixed address but who had recently been bailed to live at an address in Goldenhill Road, Fenton, pleaded guilty to four offences of rape and six offences of indecent assault.

The court heard he was convicted of attempted rape and jailed for 30 months in 2000.

Joanne Wallbanks, mitigating, said the defendant’s guilty pleas prevented the victim from having to give evidence at a trial.

She said the attempted rape conviction post-dates these matters.

Miss Wallbanks added: “This happened when my client was a teenager has not been repeated towards children. The court can be satisfied he is not a risk to children.”

Judge Timothy Smith jailed Davies for seven years.

He will only be released when the parole board deem him suitable.

He will be on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely and will be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults.

Judge Smith told Davies: “You would get her alone and you would abuse her. When the abuse started you were 14 and relatively immature. There may have been an element of going through puberty and engaging in sexual experimentation.

“For many years she had to deal with what you did to her without support.

“The rapes were committed when you were 16 and 17. You committed them at a time when your maturity would have increased.”