September 2016

Pervert downloaded 600,000 child abuse images ‘because marriage was not fulfilling’


A PERVERT who downloaded 600,000 child abuse images and blamed it on his marriage not being “fulfilling” has been jailed for 15 months.

Jonathan Jeans, 64, “delighted” in “appalling” photos which showed acts on children as young as two, a court heard.

Officers found so many photos that resources meant they were unable to categorise them all.

When arrested, Jeans told police: “It’s not healthy, but it keeps me sane.”

The paedophile, of West Lydford, Somerset, was jailed for 15 months at Taunton Crown Court yesterday.

Sentencing him, Judge David Ticehurst branded him a “disgrace”.

He said: “So you looked at these images to keep you sane?

“While you were being kept sane, two-year-old, three-year-old children were being sexually abused for the gratification of perverts like you.

“There were more than 600,000 images found on your computer.

“I accept you might not have looked at all of those, but it is abundantly clear that you delighted in these appalling images.

“If it were not for perverted people like you, these children would not suffer.
“You have been utterly and completely disgraced. Any disgrace you have bought upon yourself and your family is entirely your own responsibility.”

Jeans admitted being in possession of 2,528 indecent photographs of children and making 286 indecent photographs in the most serious category.

He also pleaded guilty to allegations of making 426 indecent photographs in Category B and a further 1,735 images of Category C.

He was jailed for 15 months and slapped with a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years and ordered to sign the sexual offenders register.

He will also have to pay £1,200 costs.