November 2015

Man jailed for sex assault on sleeping schoolgirl has sentence appeal dismissed


A Luton sex predator caged for a drunken attack on a sleeping schoolgirl richly deserved his tough sentence, top judges have ruled.

Shamus Ryan Keogh was caged for 15-months at Luton Crown Court in August after he admitted sexually assaulting the 15-year-old.

His victim woke to find the burly 29-year-old kissing and groping her in what Mr Justice Kenneth Parker today termed a “sustained” assault.

She was petrified during her ordeal, which had lasting psychological effects.

She needed counselling to help come to terms with what happened, and said that “she would never get over it”.

“She says it will always be with her,” Mr Justice Parker told London’s Appeal Court.

Keogh, of Peregrine Road, Luton, was drunk on vodka when he preyed on the youngster, the court heard.

But his lawyers today argued his punishment was too tough and that he had been led to believe he would get a suspended sentence if he admitted his crime.

But Mr Justice Parker, sitting with Mrs Justice Elisabeth Laing, said the judge who jailed Keogh had made clear that he was keeping an open mind.

In the end, he had been influenced by the victim’s statement, which revealed the devastating psychological toll of the attack.

Keogh had shown “limited insight into the impact on the victim”, said the appeal judge.

At one point, he even “disparaged his victim, as if seeking to put himself in a better light”.

He had also denied having “any sexual interest” in the teenager.

Keogh’s punishment was fair and “reflected the gravity of the offence”, concluded Mr Justice Parker, dismissing the appeal.