May 2011

Police warning as man is jailed

A SCARBOROUGH man has been sent to prison after pleading guilty to four charges of sexual assault on a child.

Following the sentencing Ryan Keogh, North Yorkshire Police have warned others they will face the same fate if they engage in sexual activity with girls under 16.

York Crown Court heard Keogh, 18, of Hereford Close, told police he was not a paedophile because he was not attracted to girls under 14.

However he has now been jailed for 12 months after he smuggled two 14-yearolds in to his mother’s Eastfield home, and had sex with them while she was unaware in another part of the home.

Keogh boasted to friends and acquaintances about his conquests before his arrest, something which Recorder Peter Bury told him was an aggravating feature in the case.

Sentencing Keogh to 12 months in a Young Offenders Institute, the recorder told him that he had not only committed the offence of sexual activity once, but four times with two girls.

Keogh appeared for sentencing after previously having admitted four charges of sexual assault on a child which took place between October, last year, and January, this year.

David Garnett, prosecuting, said that the first complainant, who had only met Keogh a week before, was “tipsy” after drinking vodka in his bedroom and consenting to what then happened between them.

The matter only came to light after the girl and her family became aware that Keogh was in trouble for having an illegal sexual relationship with another 14year-old.

Mr Garnett said that the second victim had known Keogh for some time and had also consented to what happened in his bedroom.

He added that on two occasions, whilst Keogh distracted his mother, the girl was able to get into his bedroom undetected.

When arrested in February, Keogh was eventually frank with the police, telling them that he had an interest in younger girls, but did not regard himself as a paedophile because he drew the line at 14-year-olds.

Ann Mundy, mitigating, said her client had had a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship with the second victim as a result of his immaturity and was not thought to be a predatory type sex offender.

She added that the relationship partly stemmed from difficulties both he and the girl had in the past – she having a troubled time at home and he having found his step-father dead in the family bathroom following a heart attack.

Miss Mundy said that as a result of his offending Keogh and other members of his family had been subjected from abuse in their local community.

As well as the 12-month sentence Keogh was also ordered to be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.

Following his case Scarborough police have issued a warning, stating they will take action against anyone who takes part in sexual activity with a minor.

Detective constable Steve Williams of Scarborough CID said: “If men, or anyone aged of 16 engages in sexual activity with a young girl they will be dealt with robustly.”