October 2018

‘High risk’ paedophile disguised himself as a children’s entertainer

A ‘high risk’ paedophile disguised himself as a children’s entertainer so he could sneak into a party and play with kids.

Nathan Kozel, 26, dressed up in goggles, a black outfit, long black coat and black gloves before he entered the National Play Day event, in Queens Gardens, Hull, the court heard.

Rukhshanda Hussain, prosecuting in Hull Crown Court yesterday, said Kozel was trying to pass himself off as a member of staff at the event on August 1.

He said: ‘The area the defendant was in had about 20 children under 16 in it, with some adults present. ‘He was engaging with them, spinning diablo plates, showing children how to use them.’

Staff called police and Kozel was detained. He admitted he was there to try and make friends with children and said he knew it was wrong.

He was previously made subject of a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) indefinitely and given a 24 month community order in 2016 after downloading indecent images of children.

Kozel, who was described as a ‘very high risk sex offender’, was told he was not allowed unsupervised contact with children but breached the order in August, 2017, when he was caught playing football with a boy, 8.

When he was arrested police found a total of 10 images at category A – the most serious – two at category B, and 631 category C images, on his phone and tablet computer.

Kozel’s father gave evidence in defence of his son saying he operated as a six or seven-year-old. He added his son enjoyed doing circus tricks and the clothes he wore at the National Play Day event was his usual dress.

Hull, admitted breaching a SHPO, breaching a suspended sentence, and making indecent photographs of children.

Recorder Patrick Palmer jailed Kozel for a year

September 2016

Teen finds child abuse pictures on housemates’s phone during selfie prank

A young woman has told how she found sickening images of children being sexually abused on her housemate’s phone during a prank.

Kirsty-Ann Barr, 18, had been living in a shared house with her boyfriend and another man, Nathan Kozel, in Cholmley Street, west Hull.

Following a night’s drinking and oblivious to what was stored on the phone’s memory, Miss Barr and her partner decided to take some harmless ‘selfie’ snaps.

“Nathan was drinking and he got quite drunk,” said Miss Barr. “He was sat in mine and my boyfriend’s room. He got really drunk so we just thought for a laugh we would go and do selfies on his phone.

“We opened the phone up and found these photos of children. I was just completely shocked. There were loads.

“We got my boyfriend’s iPad and starting filming us scrolling through them in case he deleted them. It was disgusting. There was images of young children posing and adults with them. It was just horrible.”

Miss Barr said she rang the police and Kozel was arrested. His phone and other electronic items were seized.

“I was just in complete shock by it,” said Miss Barr. “We couldn’t believe what was on there. I helped Nathan out with a lot of things around the house like cooking, washing and cleaning and we had ended up being good friends. But to find something like that on his phone is just disgusting. We were in complete shock because of it.”

Kozel, 24, appeared at Hull Magistrates’ Court, where he gave his address as being in Cholmley Street.

He admitted six charges of making an indecent image of a child, one charge of possession of indecent photographs of children, two charges of possessing prohibited images of children.

He also pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing an extreme photographic image of a person performing oral sex with a horse.

Kozel was fined £20 and must have 30 days rehabilitation.He was also ordered to pay a £60 surcharge and was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order.

Miss Barr, who has since moved out of the bedsit, said she was surprised by the sentence.

“I don’t think that’s fair for what he had on his phone at all,” she said. “I think he should have got more than he did. Seeing the images that I saw myself, I know how wrong and horrible they were. Something should have happened more than just a fine.”