September 2016

Four Men Sentenced to Combined 50 Years for Rape and Trafficking of Young Victims


Four men will face a combined sentence of 50 years behind bars after being convicted of the rape, trafficking and sexual exploitation of young victims. 

Ismail ‘Ishy’ Haji (39) formerly a taxi driver, of Rotary Close, Dewsbury, his brother, Imran Haji (36) a shop assistant, of Manor Way, in Batley, Ibrahim ‘Iby’ Kola (36), a factory worker, of School Crescent, Dewsbury and Mohammed ‘Saaj’ Chothia (39) a factory worker, of Hyrstlands Road, in Batley were all jailed at Leeds Crown Court today for offences committed in 2014. 

The four men were prosecuted following a significant investigation by Wakefield District Child Sexual Exploitation team into offending in the Wakefield and Kirklees Districts. 

The sentences given to the four men were: 

Ismail Haji, 19 years for rape, sexual activity with a child, grooming and trafficking offences; 

Imran Haji, 8 years for rape and trafficking offences; 

Ibrahim Kola, 10 years for rape and trafficking offences; 

Mohammed Chothia, 13 years for grooming, taking an indecent photo of a child and trafficking offences. 

Police enquiries into the case began in October 2014 after a then 13-year-old victim from the Wakefield area told a school welfare officer she had been seriously sexually assaulted by men at an address in Dewsbury. 

The subsequent investigation established the 13-year-old had come into contact with Mohammed Chothia and Ismail Haji in August.  

She had later met the two men in Thornes Park, Wakefield, along with a 15-year-old girl. 

Over the weeks which followed, the girls were also introduced to Imran Haji and Ibrahim Kola and taken to a flat in Dewsbury. Both were subject to serious sexual assaults at the property.  

The 13-year-old was also seriously sexually assaulted at a second address.

Ismail Haji and Chothia were identified, arrested and charged by Wakefield Safeguarding officers in October 2014 with further enquiries leading to the identification and arrest of the other two defendants.