September 2016

Bondage-obsessed child rapist banned from having BIN BAGS because he fantasises about suffocating people


A convicted child rapist has been banned from having black BIN BAGS in his home because he fantasises about wrapping teenagers up in polythene and suffocating them, a court heard.

Warren Harris, 46, is also barred from looking at online pictures and texts relating to adults and children being vacuum-packed and asphyxiated.

Harris, who was handed a nine-year-prison sentence in 1999 for abusing a girl aged under 14, was banned from looking at asphyxiation porn in 2010.

When police checked on Harris in July they found he had been watching videos of children being vacuum-packed, Gloucester crown court heard.

Harris, from Cheltenham, admitted two offences of breaching a sexual harm prevention order imposed on him.

Prosecutor Caighli Taylor told the court: “Police attended his address on 18th July this year.

“It was an unannounced visit and he consented to his mobile phone being checked.

“It showed he had been watching films on YouTube in relation to women being vacuum-packed and asphyxiated.

“Written stories relating to asphyxiation were also found.”

A police officer told the court Harris can “only have certain types of bin liners” because “black bin bags are a real concern”.

On the day of his arrest Harris made no comment but the next day admitted to his key worker he had been watching videos of children being placed in plastic bags which were later sealed.

The prosecutor added: “On Aug 10th he told the police he knew he had been viewing things which placed him in breach of his sexual harm prevention order.

“He admitted he had been looking at bondage footage showing the plastic wrapping up of people aged 17 to 18.

“He said he had been doing it twice a day for two hours at a time. He said he was sorry, he knew it was wrong but he enjoyed it.”

The judge, Recorder Robert Linford, said a suspended jail sentence was recommended in a pre-sentence report on Harris. He added he was concerned Harris was “straying back into the world he inhabited a number of years ago”.

Recorder Linford added: “It has to be stopped. I am surprised that nothing more intensive than a 20 day rehabilitation activity requirement is being recommended.”